Dumped me because there is no ‘spark’ ?

We know each for 7 months, dating for 5 months. Breakup just occurred. He said I was such a great / awesome girl and that we match on many points (intimacy, very good sex, etc). He said he liked me, was attached to me, kinds of feelings. But there is not the ‘spark’ that makes me special.
For my part, I was starting considering this relationship as a long-term one. I told him I have a lot of personal issues (family) that I’ve never told him about, so I’m very nervous on a regular basis. And I met him right after a 2y-toxic relationship, so I had a hard time trusting him.

So, I was not completely open and outgoing with him. That’s why I asked him a second chance, because the ‘spark’ thing is not enough to end up things, but he is not willing to let us more time...

What I don’t get is, the morning preceding the breakup, he just did a STD screening, like that we could finally have safe sex. For me, it was the sign of him wanting a long-term relationship with me.
He was the first guy being serious and kind with me, I’m really disappointed and hurted. We are going to see us and to have a talk in a week or two. Is there a chance for him changing his mind until then, and is there a possibility for him suddenly missing me by having no contact for a few days? (It is our 1st time spending time apart)
Thank a lot
Dumped me because there is no ‘spark’ ?
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