My ex thinks I cheated but I didn’t?

Basically I lost all my exes trust in July and September he told me he was gonna go on a date then I asked to meet for closure and he said he didn’t join the date and he did. Then he went on live webcam sites and paid girls while he tried to earn my trust. He begged for months to keep me saying I was the love of his life. It was so hard cause I feel such a strong connection to him so I took him back in November. Everything was good I earned his trust back, but in April he kept accusing me of heating and he saw I messaged guys when I broke up between July- November. He was begging for me back knowing I did that. Now he said that’s cheating and broke up😔 but he didn’t care back i September when he tried to get me back? Some guy also texted me saying I hope u had a great time last night but he meant at my bday dinner. He saw that text and I figure he was done. It was my bday week I was hurting so bad and feeling suicidal cause he was gonna leave me. Then on Saturday he texted me arguing he was done I went to the er it was so much back and forth. I left the er on Sunday and everyone told me to get my mind off this and go on a date. He texted me that Sunday night saying he needed me. I saw him that week and he saw that I went on a date and now he left again for good. He thinks I did it the whole time. He doesn’t realize how in love with him I am and this hurts so bad. I’d never cheat but I was feeling hopeless and tried to get my mind off it. He thinks I went on the date on Easter but it was the weekend after, after he broke up with me and everyone told me it would help me move on cause he was me always trying to leave he now won’t say a word to me. I even paid a 300 uber to see him & be friends and he drops me without a word. I hate this. I can get any guy I want. But I had this connection to him. Did he play me? Is there another girl? Is he just so hurt? But he also hurt me so bad and lost all my trust too why is he not understanding? What do I do?
My ex thinks I cheated but I didn’t?
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