Text message on Valentine's day from ex?

So I haven’t spoke to my ex in over a year (after three years together and he told me he didn’t want to be with me anymore) and he did send me an email on my birthday but no Merry Christmas or New year text. He sent me a text on Valentines day and that totally threw me off. I wasn’t thinking and responded with, “Thanks happy vday to you too”. Didn’t get a response but now wonder, why send your ex a happy Valentine's day text?

After speaking to my friends, all said I should have just ignored it and not responded at all. Guys, what are your thoughts?


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  • I mean it could be:

    a) he really wanted to be nice, thought of you and sent a text. ain't nothing crazy. You were nice enough to say something back, which is cool.

    b) he wanted to see if he can get some vday action (sex) but you werent with it.

    but your friends are some lonely females who believe that an ex is an ex and should never ever ever ever ever talked to. WHY NOT. you were with this guy for 3 years, no matter how it ended, he sent you a text, it ain't that serious, you did the right thing, didn't get deep about it, said happy vday to you too, bye. case closed.

    • lol, yes, they are females but they are not lonely. I think its a pride thing.

      Thank you for your comment :)

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  • You said that he didn't want anything to do with ya, and he sent you a text on two emotional days, your birthday which is generally considered to be "special" to the individual... and then vday which may revolve around love, especially if he knows you're single. It could be a petty attempt to make your day miserable by sending you a text and stuff, hoping you'll get upset about stuff like that. I think you should just ignore it. It could also be just him being lonely and wanting to text someone. Either way... he's just gonna have to consider it his loss, don't pay him attention and continue with life as is.

    • Let me just clarify that no where did I say, "You said that he didn't want anything to do with ya". I said, "he didn't want to be with me". So much more to the story but overall, we wanted to be friends afterward but I saw no point.

    • Sorry, was reading and typing fast before class; but regardless, he doesn't want to be with you is the bottom line of what he said; I still stand that you should just ignore him. Otherwise, your best option is to just ask him why he texts you at times like this, and what exactly is on his mind, and to be honest. Who knows what you might find out through confrontation.

  • He was probably just thinking about you because it was V-Day. Guys get sentimental sometimes too. Obviously I don't know the guy but if he left you that's a pretty strong indicator about his feelings.

    I disagree with your friends though - that's exactly what's wrong with so many people today. They won't just be genuine. Of course they would want to reply and do what you did, but all they're worrying about is how to look like they have the upper hand ("he was the last to contact me..."). My attitude is say what you have on your mind and forget the games. Life is too short.

    • Thanks. That's exactly what I was going for, just being polite & being real. Although, I don't see anything evolving from the msg, it was nice 2 know that he thought of me on that day.

      "Guys get sentimental sometimes too...that's a pretty strong indicator about his feelings." - I hope you mean that I'm not easy 2 forget because that would make me feel better about the whole situation :) I might not want him anymore, but I'll always care about his well being, as long as he is willing to reach out.

    • All I meant is that guys sometimes just look back fondly on the old days. Just now I've started trading messages with an ex from two years ago on Facebook. We had a terrible painful breakup but we still like each other as individuals. There's years worth of history there, and a lot of it was great, so why not?

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  • I think your response was perfect actually! It was even better than not responding because it was so casual and you didn't make a big deal out of it. I think that's awesome. He was probably disappointed it wasn't more emotional. I applaud you on behalf of girls who were dumped everywhere.

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