Ex - Boyfriend dumped me after 6 years?

My partner and I were together for 6 years, split about 3 years ago but shortly got back, moved forward, moved in together and everything was great.
12 months ago he started a new job. He became increasingly involved in that life, staying out all night taking drugs, partying, etc boys weekends.
His communication was crap and when he came home he faced the week long hangover and come down.
But the majority of the time we were so happy, always laughing and genuinely best friends. They were our only real arguments other than little things like cleaning the house.

Before this weekend away he was all over me, telling me how great I am, etc. He went didn't take a charger, messaged me off someone elses phone now and then but always drugged up. He then got a friend to bring a charger - I found out he had gone for an extra night before most of the boys (just him and 2 others for the first night) and was staying with the 2 others for an extra night. I lost it. His drug taking had made him increasingly more selfish. I admit I was shouldn't have.
To the point he chose to get off his face on coke rather than see me in hospital a few months back.

Anyway he came back and was upset asked for space, said everything would be fine, he loved me etc. We met, he ended it.
I was distraught because I truly love him. I asked if he cheated, he swears he didn't. He was going out and posting online, etc. after & it hurt. I unfollowed him on social media & took our photos down. He continued to watch mine until he saw a picture of me (2 stone lighter, looking good only a week or so after the actual breakup) and unfollowed me.

His family are saying he's really down, rude, sarcastic lately. None of my belongings have been touched except he's turned our photos to face the wall. He goes out drinking when possible but if no one is about he just stays in his room. He is constantly online he refuses to speak about me or the break up
Still not reached out to me tho.

Ex - Boyfriend dumped me after 6 years?
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