Girls, Would you contact your ex boyfriend if you still loved him and you know he still loveds you?

Here is the thing:

Last week I broke up with my exgirlfriend because my mental health was a mess. Her was too.
Long story short: Her parents divorced because he cheated on her mother. And then my ex caught him getting high on her own house. She felt guilty because of it.
Last week (this day, one week ago) she changed completely because her mind was a mess. She behaved completely different; cold, indifferent, a bit aggressive. She was not making sense. At all. She was contradicting herself all the time, so I knew she was not even thinking properly. I could understand that because this is something hard to deal with.

Point is, I broke up with her because the way she was treating me was way too much, and i couldnt handle it anymore. That same day she said these things:

"Thanks for everything, sorry for everything."
"I don't deserve you, you deserve someone better"
"I can't even imagine my life without you anymore."

But we had to break up because the problem was too much. Last message from her was "Thank you. I love you".

By the way, she also felt disappointed by her friends, who turned their back on her. She told me that ever since she stopped hanging out with them they didn't even contact her anymore. So she was completely disappointed and felt she wasted her time with them.

She knows I love her, i gave her every reason to show her that I truly care for her. But again, it was way too much.

Thing is, she saved some messages from me on Snapchat last Thursday. But then on Sunday, she blocked me completely from her social media. So i am really confused about all this.

Can you girls enlight me? I know she is a mess right now for all she is going through.. But why block me that way, when i didn't even talk to her because i knew she needed space?

If you loved your boyfriend the way she says she loved me, would you contact him again after a time?

Thanks in advance.
Girls, Would you contact your ex boyfriend if you still loved him and you know he still loveds you?
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