Will my ex girlfriend change her mind and what should I do...contact her now or give her the space she wants?

About two weeks ago my girlfriend broke up with me. Now this has happened about 3 or 4 times trough our 2 year relationship and it always seems to happen when she is struggling with her own personal issues. This time seems no different, she has made it so I cannot contact her at all (blocked number and fb) after we argued over things the first day or two. I lashed out and said some pretty bad things about it being her fault for her past divorce and it obviously wasn't (he cheated). I have made a few attempts to apologize for the words that I did say during the breakup and she will not accept my apology but I have not once questioned why she has ended it. I do regret what I said and have told her that I didn't meant it, I simply lashed out to make her mad because I was hurt. She claimes that she will never forgive me and we should end communication (again, this is the same as the times before).

Now for the things that don't make since to me. We have shared some good times together and she has done some things for me over the last few months that would indicate all things were going well. One of the reasons that she said she ended things was because she said she was emotionally detatched from me and we haven't seemed like a couple over the past few months. Then why did she plan a great weekend getaway fro the two of us just one week before the end? I will add that the detatchment only seemed obvious the last weeke or so when she started struggling with a couple issues that were unrelated to her and I.

I really care about this women and want things to work out so we can stay together forever.

I guess my question is: Will this be like the times before and will she break the silence after a few weeks? What can I do to make sure it lasts the next time?

Side note: I know I acted jealous and a little controlling the last few months and this probably aided in pushing her away. I need to change that and will work on changing that if given the opportunity because it's truly not the type of person I am. Our history of her breaking up with me every few months just makes it hard to remain confident about us and secure with our relationship so those tendencies seem to surface.


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  • Give her a couple of weeks of space and then write her a hand-written letter. No email or phone call. This guy can help you write one=> link


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  • I assume it will be but in meantime keep yourself busy, don't stress it(easy to say right?). As far as the controlling, next time just throw all your faith in it without question.

  • when you get in a fight don't say personal sh*t..