Straight up Jerry Springer?

So I had a break up with my ex fiancee, a little over a year ago we got engaged and she joined the army moving out of state leaving me to care for her kids for about a year before we could move out to the state she was stationed in. While being separate I used my life savings to renovate her house she was supposed to be selling. Which she ended up renting instea Then moving her kids and the rest of the stuff out halfway across the country I found that out relationship had changed being a supportive partner and her claiming stress for the change I accepted it and gave her the space she needed. Even though while I was caring for her children at my expense she had spent the time exploring and having a active life. We then ended up purchasing a property together that after many complaints on her part about doing a 50/50 ownership on the property on her part ended up doing it at the constant advice of the realtor. At the time I found it strange she didn't want my name on the property but I didn't care I was in love and ignorant of the changes happing. After the purchace our relationship became distant on her part as she pulled away and asked me to move into a other room claiming my snoring wasn't allowing her to sleep and I obliged for her sake fast forward 6 months and she breaks up with me after leaving for a month and half on a military training and tells me she wants to be friends and wants me to still care for the kids she is going over seas for a few years. By accident I found out she left me for her previous subordinate who was recently kicked out for cocaine and attempted suicide. Now she wants me to surrender the shared property and never talk to her again... I have the opportunity to force a sale of the property divide it or sell it to our tenents for cheap who have possession of the property... or I could submit to pennies on the dollar and give up everything what would you do in my shoes? Also I could end her career over framtinezation with a subordinate
9 mo
Mind you kids are still friendly to me
And half of the property value is higher than my life savings the property has been paid off with her life savings
Straight up Jerry Springer?
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