My ex broke up with me because he’s in deep depression, how do I know he isn’t just using it as an excuse?

My ex broke up with me after a few days of officially dating due to being deeply depressed. His divorce finalized in may this year. Our best friends hooked us up thought we’d be a good match and we have kids. We instantly connected talked daily all day for 2 weeks then went on a date. Bought roses. asked me to be his girlfriend same night. after a few days in he seemed off, very stressed out. Noticed he started to do the “fade out” I asked him if we were ok he said “I think so, but I’m not”. I have confirmation from multiple people who say he isn’t in love with his ex. They think it’s because he’s now living with his sister, waiting for a contract to go through on a house he put on offer on. he needs to find himself. Our friends told me he did have a “hoe phase” but dropped them all for me. I’m the first girl he was actually interested in dating. But he has demons that he is trying to overcome first. when he gets depressed it’s dark. I don’t understand why he even considered dating me if he already knew the state he was in. I asked him if he was happy with me and he said I don't know I’m not happy with anything right now. Then went on to say “I like you but I think you deserve better than me/I’m just in a dark place/I’m not ready/I’m sad all the time. He said I’m sorry (a lot) I didn’t mean to hurt you or want to hurt you. We still talked all day the next 2 days after the somewhat break up. Basically saying I was hurt confused and couldn’t stop crying. He kept saying I’m really sorry it had nothing to do with me he’s just in a bad place right now & that he still wants to be friends & he’s always here if I need him. kept saying I hope ur ok & to not cry or worry about him. We’ve agreed to meet in person to talk/breakup. We still show as in a relationship on FB and he’s still liking all my new pics I post and some random posts. I’ve heard every lie in the book how do I know if he’s actually being honest or just wants to go back to hoe phase bc he lost interest?
My ex broke up with me because he’s in deep depression, how do I know he isn’t just using it as an excuse?
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