Should I contact him- so lost and anxiety ridden?

So my ex boyfriend was supposed to go to Boston this past Friday for business. He invited me up but I wanted reassurance that he wanted me there because it was a few days earlier. Long story short I end up buying plane tickets I was still annoyed because I wanted reassurance but he was annoyed because I wanted reassurance. He never gave me details at the hotel or where to go and my flight was at 7 AM. He went out to a Red Sox game by himself, got so drunk that he could not find his hotel, called his parents lost , then we couldn’t get ahold of him. I had Boston pd on phone bc his phone was showing weird location at 3am. I never got on my flight bc of everything that happened. He blew up my phone the next day. I didn’t answer till the following day. He was shocked I didn’t come. Then I wanted him to reimburse me. We went back and forth and he said he felt when he gave me money, I would break up with him. Then next day flight got delayed 4 one day and he asked me a favor to get him hotel discount. I got it for him even though he hadn’t reimbirsed me. Then he sent me a pic of him and his pretty customer that I didn’t even know was a woman, drinking at bar, said “wish u were here”. I got jealous, sent text of me and guy out saying he was trying to sell me house. He was drunk and so mad and said “buy it cunt, act like a bitch get treated like one” so not his character to say. The next morning instead of apology he said “what’s your deal, we can break up bc seems like u hav jealousy issue. I ended up saying we can break up bc if his disrespect and that he can treat someone else like a doormat. He said “I didn’t mean those things I said, I was drinking , but ok” I never answered, 3 days has passed, he’s back home. No contact, no sorry. No nothing. We’ve spent almost every day together for past 8 months. Trips, yachts w his customers, time with family, hobbies together, practically living together. And it feels like a lie bc he was so fine with breaking up. No nothing.
Should I contact him- so lost and anxiety ridden?
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