My ex and our first date after the breakup?

Hey there, thank you for reading my question. My ex broke up with me about 10 months ago. He said that the reason for our breakup was that he had too many things in his head and he wasn’t giving me enough time.

He called me two weeks later (I never tried to contact him) to ask how I was and to tell me once again that I deserved someone better and that he couldn’t be in a relationship ( we were together for almost a year). To which I reply, fine you won’t hear from me after we are done with this phone call, have a great life.

This brings us to last week. He contacted me on Saturday after seeing each other on the street for the first time in months. We meet up for coffee and he began the conversation by saying how sorry he was for hurting me and that he was unfair to me. He also asked if I had something to say to him. I said no nothing, he kept asking so I the end I said; I have nothing to say. It hurt and I cried but it is in the past.

We talked for an hour or so and then he walked me home. He asked if he could come in and I said no. He kissed me on the cheek and said see you around.

Was this our definite goodbye? Is he lonely and trying to get some? Is there a future for us?
My ex and our first date after the breakup?
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