Does my ex still care for me or just lonely?

We broke up 10 days ago. We both disagree who broke up with who. He said I told him to go. I remember him saying he wd get his things and go and I said go on then.

First few days was the angry what you doing, who you with, who you seeing, are you back on dating apps messages.

Then we had the what went wrong chats. Part of me really wanted to give him another chance but in these chats he still can't grasp my need for more emotion from him. And his inability to communicate on a deep level.

In text he still says he loves me. But he's stopped calling me babe and hun and using emojis.

We met in person three times for cuddles. On my initiation. We talk but he shows no emotion. First goodbye he pecked on lips and said love you. 2nd time hug and peck on cheek. Third time just a hug.

But on that 3rd time he did say he would have to leave by a certain time (he's gone back to his mums and she isn't happy if she can't lock the door before bed). But it went over the time with me just cuddling him.

After he says he really enjoyed it. I ask him why doesn't he initiate anything. He says he didn't know I wanted to.

He says he doesn't show his emotions and holds them all inside. He says he is sad and he still loves me. But it's his lack of showing his emotions that led to us breaking up! And now he shows even less than before.

I've suggested lots of times that we stop talking. He just says why? Despite me saying reasons why.

He texts me first every day. He texts me all day asking if I'm OK and what am I doing. If I don't respond he texts hello? Hello? Why you not talking?

I said I was bored and lonely last night. He said he was lonely too and he called me for a chat instead of text. But he doesn't say much. So I was appreciative he called but awkward too. As I start talking about the weather and stuff to make convo.

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His texts can be just lol and haha to long things I send. Which is frustrating. Like, he wants to keep texting but he doesn't say anything interesting or ask me anything much.

I'm confused. I miss him but I know he isn't the right guy for me. And I've told him. And I'm not right gal for him. Probably far too emotional. But why does he not wanna let me go? He told me when we first got together 3 months ago that when a relationship ends he blocks that person and has nothing to do with them
Does my ex still care for me or just lonely?
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