Why does my ex still invite me over for dinner and movie?

my ex still invites me over for dinner and to watch movies with him. He knows I won't sleep with him and he's already seeing another girl. So why does he still ask me to come over?


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  • He's hopting you'll change your mind, at least about sleeping with him. ? Do you hae to ask?

    • hes got the new girl for that

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    • ok, let me get this straight. He is seeing another girl but yet he invites me over knowing that I won't sleep with him but he thinks that I"ll sleep with him because I know that he has a new girl?

      Do boys really think this way?

    • I don't know if it's BECAUSE he has a new girl. Who knows what may be going on with her. Maybe she's awful and he misses you!

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  • He's probably just doing it as a friend.


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  • Does it hurt or make you feel sh*tty after you see him? If so, then stop. Plus, what if he starts sharing with you about all the people he's seeing or what he's doing. If I were you, I would tell him that you don't feel comfort and just stop seeing him.

  • I have no clue..Maybe you should ask him. He probably thinks it's just something to do because ya'll are still friends.

    • we"ve only been broken up for a few months. I think that its inappropriate and I've told him. He told me didn't think we would work out and that he doesn't want to be with me and he's seeing another girl. That's why its confusing.

    • he's just making an excuse such as "seeing a new girl" "having a new perspective" you gotta look good if he's being sincere or not. most guys are confused and mixed up after a break up and don't want to admit it themselves. so yeah...break it off for a while that unnatural to begin with.

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