Should I smile at my ex boyfriend and say hi to him again when I see him?

OK it has been three months since we broke up and we never talked since and it was painful knowing he won't talk to me. but out of the blue surprisingly he started to joke around with me today with a big smile on his face. we never had a deep conversation but he would poke jokes at me, like for example he would playfully grab my books and hide them as a joke, he would playfully shove me and smile, it was just out of the blue, he was just joking around, and since he joked around with me today so would it be safe to give him a smile and say a simple "hi how are u?" and start a simple friendship? is his action today of joking around with me a sign that its OK to talk to him again?


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  • NO! in general speaking yeah OK that would be fine.. but I've seen you post a million things about how his hurt you and how much you miss him.. if YOU seek this friendship and he doesn't want it he will push you further away and you will end up back at square one!

    If he wants something to do with you and if HE wants a friendship you know what he has your number, he knows where you live! stop running around after someone who hurt you make them work for your trust back! No one wants things they can just have that's why its called play hard to get, if he speaks to you then speak back but don't go out of your way for him - sounds like a d***head anyway!


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  • yes sure I know I'm a little to young OK but I have been thinking about my future and I was thinkin that if I break up with my boyfriend I would still want to be friends with him


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