Why is my ex boyfriend being so cold?

He got a new girlfriend within 3 weeks. I was furious. He called and after insulting me he broke down and asked me why it wasn't me with him instead of his new girl. He said he loved me so much and we can't talk on the phone because feelings with emerge. He said we can't see each other but we should text every now and then. He went on to say his new girlfriend was too tall, couldn't kiss and wasn't as pretty as me. I had to hang up first.

I saw him at the cinema with her and his friends. He could barely look at me. Only managed a smile. My friends said when I walked across the cinema, he looked at me. Sometimes she did. I text him asking if he liked the film. His answer was short, fairly cold and he didn't ask me back. Before he quickly got with her, he was keen to be friends.

Why is he acting this way?

Why is he so cold?

Please help me! X


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  • Hey doll! First off, I am 32 years old & have an almost identical story. Unfortunately, as you get older, not much changes within relationships. Unless you're lucky enough to find one of the really really good ones. OK so here it goes: First of all, most guys go out & get themselves a band aid (aka a new girlfriend) after they break up. Its part of their co-dependent nature to do so. Their thought is "What better way to get over the ex, than to get with the next?" Unfortunately, the new chick, most of the time ends up being a cut rate version of his last chick. She's usually never as cute, classy or sexy as you. Which is a good thing. Who would want their ex to get a new way cuter girlfriend? Anyhoo, just like he said, speaking all the time might open up new feelings. So when he sees you or you text him, its no wonder that he seems standoffish. The important thing to remember when you're going through a breakup is to always, always, always step out of the house looking ultra spectacular. The last thing you want is to run into him (or her) looking a hot mess. Always smile and remain confident. Don't be cocky. Be pleasant & laugh a lot & act as though yourre having the time of your life. The last thing a guy wants is to think that you might be happier without him.also, make sure to flirt a lot with other guys. But keep it classy. Don't be overbearing with it as that can send the wrong message. Make sure to always speak when you see him. Speak to the new girlfriend too if he's with her. You don't want anyone thinking that you're bitter & lonely. Even if you are. I'm not sure if you desire to have him back or not but if you do, this recipe is the perfect antecdote to get him. Good luck, doll! Hope this helps. :)

    • Thank you so much! That was wonderful advice :)

      I think he still has feelings for me hence why he can't 'bare' to see me.

      I take it this girls a rebound.

      I'd like him back. He's stubborn with a lot of pride. He'd hate to admit he was wrong or made a mistake. He'd do anything to make his new 'relationship' work even though he doesn't get the same pull as he did with me.

      Gosh, men! :o ;p

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