My ex boyfriend slept with someone else after we broke up, should I take him back?

My ex boyfriend and I were in a relationship for 20 months but we had liked each other since 6th grade and we had always been best friends. He wanted to be with me for a long time and heeven waited for me for over a year, always showing me and everyone that he really really loved me and wanted to be with me. We were in a long distance relationship because we went to college in different states but everything was perfect. Surprisingly, he broke up with me during the second semester in college. He never called, texted, or asked me how I was during those horrible 3 months. He was really acting like he didn't care about me anymore and that he was a completely different person. I was devastated. I cried every day during the first month and every now and then during the next two. We didn't do the no contact rule because we did talk through Snapchat and texted like once or twice a month but most conversations were started by me. He just never seemed to miss me and that really hurt me. After the three months, it was finally summer so we were both coming back home. He went to pick me up at the airport and he couldn't stop smiling when he saw me. He told me that now that he saw me he regrets everything he did, he wants me back bc he's a monster without me. He thinks I always keep him in the right track and that he loves me and can't picture his future without me. He says he doesn't even understand why he broke up with me because he never stopped loving me. He never called me bc "he was scared and the demon that took over him wouldn't let him talk to me even though deep down inside he wanted to". He even talked and had sex with another girl (once) and that is what stings me. I want him back but if he really never stopped loving me, how could he be with someone else? We lost our virginities to each other. This is what's keeping me from giving him another chance. He told me he never wanted to do it with anyone else and look what happened. Help me :(
My ex boyfriend slept with someone else after we broke up, should I take him back?
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