He's an emotional leech, get him off me!

i can't shake my ex.

he's an ocd liar.

he complains about everything.

he hates his family and whines about friends.

he doesn't want to do anything to better his life but he won't shut up about his problems.

every guy I know, he knows -so I can't even rebound without him snooping around.

he is sucking the life out of me.

he moved in with an ex of his and the whole time living with her, he chewed my ear off complaining to me about how he hates her. just to move out & pretend to cut her out to complain about her more to me. when really, he and her hang out all the time and are BFFs.

why is he doing this to me? what am I to him?

i just don't want him in my life anymore. I can't take it. how do I get out of this downward spiral? I'm losing my mind, everywhere I turn, there he is complaining or lying or crying. he has no motivation, passion or drive towards the future.

he's a giant child with no understanding of himself or what he wants. if he knew at all what he wanted he wouldn't be so effing miserable.
He's an emotional leech, get him off me!
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