Why does my ex boyfriend keep asking me for sex?

I am 21 and my ex boyfriend is 20. He broke up with me in Oct. and we dated for almost a yr. When he broke up with me, I was heartbroken, because he was very hateful. He told me he never wanted to see me again and that he was so over me. Yet he still continued to call me the entire time.

While we dated we never had sex with each other. We were both virgins, yet he kept pressuring me. So I guess I was dumped because I never gave in. So he dumps me, gets with a girl who gives it to him in 2 wks and then they are over.

Now, during the entire time they were together my ex continued to call me, which is weird considering that he was "so over me." Well for the past few months he has been asking me for sex incessantly. I keep telling him no, but he asks almost everyday.

I told him that he can easily get another woman who is into FWBS bt he needs to understand that I am not like that. He replies and says that we can be FWBS and it can evolve, but why do I have to have sex with him for him to decide on whether he wants a relationship with me?!

He then says, I've known people who are 'booty buddies' and they end up getting married. I told him that I wouldn't lower myself to that. Now we do talk on the phone almost everyday but then he starts asking for sex... AGAIN.

Why is he doing this and how can I get him to see that I want a friendship or a relationship, but not FWBS.

I have told him no and he will chill off for a while, but he goes back to the same thing. My ex is a nice looking man, so he can easily get into a NSA relationship, but for some reason he keeps coming after me. I want to continue to be friends with him but it is getting really difficult because he is always asking for sex.

Last month he came over and we just watched tv and he didn't even try anything. Now just about every phone conversation turns into me denying him. He should really know better.

I guess he feels that he has to have sex in order to be in love, but I feel that I have to be in love and feel loved in order to have sex

What advice would you give me? Surprising him and I do get along very well, and can talk for hrs. but then he will start the sex talk and that irks me..
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ok you guys, he texted me again and told me that he wanted love, intimacy, and a friendship. However the important word lacking was... COMMITMENT! I asked him why he was so obsessed with me and he just simply said because he wants me.

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To Faber Fan: I have one more tidbit off info. I asked him can we just have an open relationship and he got pissed about this. Now wouldn't he be benefiting from this. Him and I connect emotionally but still see other people.
Why does my ex boyfriend keep asking me for sex?
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