My boyfriend left me for his ex...where do I go from here? I'm dying inside

10 mo together, and the entire labor day weekend spent together we were just fine. my ex even complained that he wanted to spend more time on the phone with me at night. the past 3 weeks were crazy, getting him moved up here to his master's program, setting up his room with him, all the nervousness before he started then he had his first week last week and I spent the three day weekend with him. he said he wanted to stay an extra year so that he could work in my city and be with me. it was unexpected but sweet.

the next day (yesterday) I went to log in to his fb to block an old roomie I'm in a fight with from his page, but he suddenly changed the pw. I figured out the new one and I couldn't understand why he would change the pw to begin with...he unblocked his ex WHILE he was still with me. I asked him to call and he did and seemed annoyed. I asked him what was wrong and he said that "this is no longer going to work" and that he "doesn't feel the same way he did as when he first started dating me" and that I'm "not someone he can see himself spending the rest of his life with" and that he couldn't see me as his "best friend" then he asked for the hold hs shirts he gifted me back and I hung up.

when he said "best friend" it rang a bell. his ex has been trying to get back with him since before we started going out and never stopped trying. I read an old email she sent to him saying he was her "best friend".

he changed his fb relationship status to single, his pics everything, I did the same, but then he de-friended me which surprised me. he made it so I could only see mutual friends of ours. then I went onto her page, and not even 3 hours after I got the break up call from him he was friends with his ex.

i got onto his fb account and went in his messages and he sent her a pic of her dog in a cute hat. it's clear they're in contact, this break up was not because of anything but them getting back together or starting to "talk" again...and she lives in nyc and he lives in Florida, though they're from the same home town.

this is my WORST nightmare and throughout our relationship I asked him over and over again if he was completely over her and he INSISTED yes. and now this.

i did go a little crazy and text his sister, and then when two of his extended family members commented on his new "single" status saying "wow" and "didn't see that coming" so I messaged them privately and said that I didn't see it coming either and that we spent a weekend having fun the next day he breaks up with me over the phone and is back in touch with an ex girlfriend.

i'm so hurt...this girl is such a downgrade from me (im not even saying that). even his parents said they were happy she was gone. yet somehow she managed to stay around.

i want him to call me or text me SO BAD it hurts.

i'm on the brink of calling him to ask about why he's talking to his ex and how can he go back to her, after saying I love you and making plans with me just the day before.

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i'm hurting so bad, I want to call his mom, his sister, tell them what's going on, what's happening. I just want an answer from him. to man up and say yeah the whole time I dated you for 10 months I was still caught up on her and lied to you about it over and over again
My boyfriend left me for his ex...where do I go from here? I'm dying inside
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