Was ex-boyfriend hurt or is he relieved to get rid of me?

I exploded in anger at my ex-boyfriend for not telling me that he didn't want to meet up. He just kept making excuses and when I called him out on it by calling him a flake, he seemed angry/hurt. (He always wants to be the nice guy.) I got angry because he knows that I still liked him as more than a friend and he led me on by not turning me away. He seemed to want to meet up and then would change his mind. I said some regretful things, but I apologized profusely afterwards. After I told him "not to worry about meeting up", he tried to act all friendly because he felt guilty and was trying to make himself feel better. All I wanted was the truth, which I now have.

Anyway, I realized then that I was not over him because I keep contacting him. So I did something drastic. I deleted all our pictures together and untagged him from all of my pictures on facebook and unfriended him. I sent a message, however, telling him that I felt horrible for being bitchy earlier, and that I was facebook deleting him for my own purposes so that I'd stop annoying him. But, he didn't reply.

I feel the slightest bit better everyday and can see increasingly why I don't want to be with him, why I broke up with him in the first place.

He always said he wanted to be friends. Maybe sometime in the near future. I just need time and not talk to him to get over him. Do you think he'll still want to be friends by then? I'm good friend with my other ex and it'd be pity for him to go to waste. But then, why didn't he reply to my message? Do you think he was hurt or relieved to get rid of me?

Our mutual friends say that he will probably laugh it off but I'm not so sure... I hope so!
Was ex-boyfriend hurt or is he relieved to get rid of me?
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