Why has my girlfriend stopped being affectionate?

We have been together for a little over a year. We both love each other tremendously and spend a lot of time together. During the honeymoon phase (about 8 months), our relationship was great. For the last couple of months it has gotten to the point to where we don't kiss anymore. Whenever I go into to kiss, she turns her cheek. Whenever I do more (like caress her or kiss her neck), she just lays there. I've researched the internet for answers and have tried everything: flowers, setting the mood, nice dates, hitting the gym, etc.

I have always been a quiet romantic; she's more of a fun, social/outgoing type. She has always been the type to poke fun, and for a while I enabled it by laughing at her jokes, but she never has anything nice to say anymore. She started making fun of me...a lot. We had a serious discussion about it a few months back. I told her I don't mind as long as she just said some nice things, too. She completely stopped for a few weeks (or would catch herself and apologize for being mean), then started again. I have brought up the physical stuff a few times and said things like "how come you don't kiss me any more?" and "have you noticed we don't have that much sex anymore?" She always just says she is not in the mood for whatever reason, mainly stressed out. The stress is plausible because she has just started school again. I worry because if the stress affecting her sex drive now, what will happen when we have kids and bills to pay. I know if I sit her down and tell her how I feel she will give in - just like she did with the jokes. But every time I go in for the kiss or have sex with her, how can I enjoy it knowing she is only doing it for me.

Any ideas?
Why has my girlfriend stopped being affectionate?
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