My girlfriend has lost affection?

Me and my girlfriend have being going out over a year. Are first 5 months of dating we were crazy for each other. She would want to do things all the time. Even one week we didn't do anything and she said she was sorry that we hadn't done anything for the week. I was perfectly fine with it. But now recently it just seems like I'm asking for everything. If I want to do anything I have to ask and I feel like bother her to do it. I've talked to her about it but she just says she is tired or she is not in the mood. But it has been about a month since we have even made out. She kisses me and we cuddle but I also want a little more. I want to feel like she loves me. what should I do to talk to her?


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  • Congratulations! Your relationship has progressed out of the honeymoon stage and into the eye-opener stage. This is where your relationship takes more work than it used to to keep the spark alive, you find out those small quirks about your partner you didn't know existed, and you decide if you can handle them.

    As to your wanting more, may I remind you that you've been together for a little over a year? Some people like to take it slow in relationships. I've been in a relationship for four years and we didn't kiss for the first 10 months. Just slowly build up the affection. You cannot make her love you, only she can do that, but you CAN increase the intimacy of your relationship -- hopefully at a comfortable pace for her -- and then, maybe she'll be more prone to tell/show you she loves you?

    Just some ideas.


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  • A year in a relationship is still pretty fresh.

    I've been in a 6 year relationship and only now are things starting to get that way.

    You've tried talking to her but all of your words still seem to have little to no effect.

    If she's going to be the type that does not listen then you really need to re-think your

    relationship. You want someone who cares about the way you feel. Relationships aren't for

    selfish people.


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  • Look dude, the first issue is 'you're asking'.

    What you do is, arrange something you enjoy doing, like say you want to go camping, and maybe she hasn't gone camping in a while, you say "hey I'm going camping with some friends, I'd like you to come" or "you can come if you want". The more you ask, the less annoying it'll be. If she doesn't want to or can't, then let it be, and go hang with friends and have some guy time.

    From the sounds of it, it sounds more like lust has dissipated like a morning fog. What you felt wasn't love, that is for certain.

  • I'm going through the exact same thing. Not to hijack you question but is she spending more time with her friends than you? Is she stressed about something like exams? family?