Why is my ex's mom being so nice to me now?

my boyfriend and I haven't spoken since he broke up with me over the phone about three months ago. he didn't give me a concrete reason for the break up, but I found out that he had been talking to his ex girlfriend while we were together and he cut me out of his life ENTIRELY after the phone call.

i recently sent his mom an email asking for a donation for a charity I raise money for every year, which she donated to last year when her son and I were together. surprisingly, she emailed me back saying she was willing to donate etc. and she did, though it was half the amount from last year (but that's fine).

i have NO clue what my ex told his family about why we broke up, and I'm very curious because he gave me a bunch of fluff when breaking up with me.

in the thank you email I sent to my ex's mom for the donation, I told her that my number was still the same and that she can always call me if she is in town and would like to catch up, and that I missed her family. I also invited her to one of the events I'm hosting next year.

she responded by saying that she's glad I reached out to her, and asked to keep her updated on the events because "you never know we just might make it" and then asked about my new career and any updates about it.

i've never experienced this before - where my ex cut off all contact with me for NO reason (I never hurt him at all) but now his mom and I have started a conversation of sorts via email. I was never close with his mom, and I only saw her on a few occasions.

what I really want are two things: 1. to find out what he told his family about why we broke up and 2. for my ex to contact me.

i don't want to make her uncomfortable by asking what he told them, and also I would kind of like to tell "my side" which is that he left me out of the blue and was talking with his ex.

more than anything though, I wonder why she's being so nice. I feel like most people would just ignore the invitation to donate money, especially being that it's from their son's ex girlfriend.

what should I make of this?
Why is my ex's mom being so nice to me now?
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