This girl isn't ready, is still in love with her ex but has feelings for me, what do I do?

Ok so, back in July I broke up with this girl I had been seeing for a while and this other girl who I've been friends with for years with also broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years. We were both depressed and were both there for one another and started hanging out and having fun. I've always had a thing for her but I never thought I had a chance because I though she viewed me as "a brother." So I didn't expect anything. We hung out and had tons of fun and then one night she got drunk and the truth came out.

She drunkenly sent me a nude picture and told me that she liked me and wanted me to come over. Being sober and a good person I didn't because I knew she was just drunk and wanting to rebound from her ex. But when she was sober she felt embarrassed and told me even though she was drunk she actually felt that way.

So about 6 months later, she help me get over my ex but she however finally told me that she is still in love with hers. But she doesn't want to be with him anymore but still feels the attachment. I've noticed that she is slowly getting over him and moving on. But it's hard for her and she stated that she is not ready for a serious relationship yet. Her and I had been sleeping together lately, going on dates, she even gets upset when I wanna go home and don't stay the night all the time. She also gets EXTREMELY jealous about me.

Her ex was her best friend before they started dating which she now says I am, she told me tonight "This can't go south. Your literally my best friend. I can't live without you." We hang out everyday and the strange thing is that her ex and I's situation with her is nearly identical (he was her best friend, hung out with her everyday, waited a year for her while she was with her ex-ex.)

So a fear of hers is that she doesn't want to ruin the friendship. But at the same time she has confessed love for me. I can see where she is coming from but I still wanna give it a chance but I don't wanna rush it or push her. She told me she likes me for who I am as a person and I'm sexy and all that biz but the thing she hate about her ex is that he, drinks, and smokes. I do neither, and he has even beat her in the past (he has anger problems) and I would never strike a woman (especially after what my mother has been through).

So what do you guys make of this? What do you suggest? I mean if someone else comes along I'll give them a chance but I would really like to be with this girl. I know I'll have to wait but what are you suggestions?
This girl isn't ready, is still in love with her ex but has feelings for me, what do I do?
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