My boyfriend thinks I'm controlling-is there anything I can do?

As the title says, my boyfriend said that I'm controlling. He said I try to tell him what to do. I asked him what did I do to make him feel that way, like what did I tell him to do or not to do. tried talking to him about it on the phone, but he didn't want to. He just wanted to go to sleep.

It makes me feel horrible that my boyfriend feels this way. I don't really think I'm controlling. I don't even feel like there's any situation where I could tell him what to do. He goes to work, when he's done, I go over to his house, and we watch tv... Because that's all he ever wants to do. We don't really go out. Maybe once a month.

How am I supposed to fix this, if he won't even talk tome about it? It makes me feel like he doesn't even care to work on our relationship. And that he doesn't really even care about me. The last thing he said to me was that he feels unappreciated and he told me to back off.

I guess all I can do is give him space and "back off", like he asked, until he's ready to talk, if that ever happens. I don't think it's a good sign that he told me to back off. Is there anything I can do? I'm really upset... We've been together for a year.
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A few nights ago, he wanted to have a few drinks. Obviously he is an adult and he can make his own decisions. I just didn't want to be around someone that was drinking. It wasn't a personal problem with him, I just didn't want to be around alcohol. He got angry and said I was controlling him because I said if we were going to hang out, I'd prefer him not to drink, or we could just hang out another time.
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It just hurts, for him to completely blow up on me. He has never said anything about this before. It seems like he has felt this way for a while, because why would one situation make him this angry and make him jump to the idea of me controlling him? He could have told me he felt this way, when he first started thinking it.
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I feel insecure about how he feels about me now. I guess I'll just give him space and I'm hoping to get a chance to talk to him soon; About where we both stand, what each of us feel, how we want our relationship to head, etc.
My boyfriend thinks I'm controlling-is there anything I can do?
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