I have a controlling posessive baby daddy advice please

My baby dad left me for his ex when I was 2 months pregnant. now that our son is here he comes around a lot more he spends time with his son he stayed in the hospital with me we took pics that he put on instagram he flirts with me we still have sex we actually did while I was pregnant &he was with the girl. Anyway he is extremely posessive &controlling like he saw a chocolate covered rose in my room & kept askin where it came from & ate it in front of me cause he thought it was from another guy him &the girl broke up 2 weeks ago cause she found out he cheated on her I find out today that he comes &goes over both of our houses as he pleases. Last night I ignored his calls then he kept textin me &callin (I had company) he cussed me out called me bitches hoes all because I invited another man over to hang out then tells me I'm free to move on but any won't ever be with me if I do I guess some sort of reverse psychology & he yelled & told me that I better always answer his calls I'm just sick of this live triangle he won't let me go I love him & its harder to move on cause I see him a lot why does he treat me like this


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  • He sounds emotionally immature and physiologically unstable. Is that not reason enough?


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  • You're better off without him. Find a more caring and more understanding guy. You deserve better.


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  • If the first line wasn't enough reason for you to be done with this piece of crap then I don't know what to say to you. he's being controlling and possessive because you're allowing him into your life and your business. To me it sounds like you kinda like his behavior that for you it proves he still loves and wants you because he keeps coming around and it's attention from him even if it's negative you like it...we both know that if he loved and wanted you? he wouldn't have left you for the ex in the first place.

    you need to get your head right for your child and stop playing with this loser. Don't raise this child to think that kinda behavior from a man towards a woman is acceptable.


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