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Hey so I dated a girl who I was friends with for a few months. she was so sweet so I thought I'd give it a shot. unfortunately now she's head over heels for me an I'm not. she's literally crazy. the problem is we go to the same school. I've tried everything like avoiding her and being distant. it doesn't work she actually stalks me... I hate breaking girl's hearts and I wish we could still be friends... any advice? also I feel like I could be the worst boyfriend in the world and she'd still wanna be with me... which is a big problem. how do I get rid of her? no stupid answers also. please help I can't keep dealing with her...


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  • Well first off...Ignoring her is just going to make it worse. Trust me. It's only going to make her want to seek your approvel even more and probably hurt her a lot worse in the process. Clearly she likes you a lot and she probably invested all her emotions, thoughts and time on you. It's NOT creepy she just LIKES you. It wouldn't be considered creepy if it was with a girl you actually liked and wanted and had feelings for. Sadly you don't feel the same about her, but all her feelings are still there regurdless. It doesn't make her creppy. It just means she fell for a guy who doesn't love her back. She's probably being clingy and annoying because she's trying to seek your approvel. She likes you, you won her over, but now don't want her and she feels the difference. From someone who's been there it hurts and it's confusing.You dated her or been close friends with her and than dropped her. The problem is she still feels things for you and probably doesn't understand why you stopped being the same guy you once were with her. Remember on her side your what she wants. Your the one that makes her happy. You should feel good about that and not judge her for it. You want her an asswhole..tell her falt and boldy, " I don't like you the same way. I don't have the same feelings for you. I'm looking for something else and I'd appreciate it if you left me alone". She's not going understand being ignored. It's not that easy. Being mean won't help either. It's just going to slowly hurt her until she grows up and finally gets the hint that she desereves someone who truly will want her back. Her only crime is bing into and caring about you. If you don't feel the flat and tell her.It might hurt her but that's better than wasiting both of your guy's time.

    • i really appreciate your answer. it really came from the heart. hopefully your love life is doing better too.

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  • Simply tell her that you can't see yourself spending time in the future with her and she's not really the girl you're after.


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