Why does my ex just stare at me when he sees me, but doesn't say hi?

We broke up a while ago... 5 months? 4 months? Only dated for 2 ish. It's really odd... he broke up with me... but it was pretty mutual. It just wasn't working and he wasn't willing to try. He asked for no contact which I felt was kind of silly. He said that I gave him a confidence boost and that I really changed his world for the better. I told him he did the same for me. Seems like we could be friends from that?

However, he still wanted no contact... now, whenever I see him out, he just kind of stares at me... he has this same uncomfortable face like he doesn't want to look, but that he can't help not looking. I was about to wave at him once and he looked away quickly. It's like he wants us to be strangers, but he can't help but admit to him self that we know each other.

Our relationship ended fast... I'm pretty sure he was only really infatuated with me. It was a very passionate relationship, but there was never much intimacy when it came to sharing our personal lives... He never seemed to want to open up to me


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  • I used to be like him after I broke up with my first girlfrined he wants you back and is probably still thinking of you but he's still upset or angry you guys broke up

    • Hm. Then why'd he break up with me to begin with? Well, I guess I do know. He said I was almost "the one" but not quite... and that he didn't want to invest anymore even though he liked spending time with me and he liked me as a person. We only dated like 2 months. It was crazy. He wanted me to meet his parents and everything... then less than a week later he was just like I'm failing in school, you deserve more time, I'm not feeling it and I don't have time to work on it and that was that.

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    • Yeah I think unless its and ugly break up everyone needs a second chance. ;-)

      I did enjoy this little chat though.

    • I did too! Thanks so much. It wasn't an ugly breakup at all. I even agreed with him that we weren't emotionally connected... that was the only reason we broke up really. He just didn't want to give it more time

  • Maybe he stills misses you now but doesn't know what to say to you, or also he may think that he was that it was the wrong decision to end your relationship

    Maybe you could talk to him via Facebook or text and just ask if everything is alright

    • I might... I'm most likely moving out of the city after I graduate in 5 weeks! Maybe he'll want to meet up one more time?

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