Is it possible to get a feeling you're supposed to be with someone?

This may sound completely strange, it even does to me, but I often get this weird feeling that I know who I'm going to end up with.

I've dated some guys (not that many, but a handful-nothing really serious), but the last one I previously kind of knew him. We went to school four years ago and just recently ran into each other. We started talking a lot and once I hung out with him. I stayed the night but we only made out and watched a show. He also talked about all of his ex girlfriends (one was a little while ago). After that, we only talked on and off and when we made plans, he would never for sure make them, then cancel last minute. I figured he was flaky or still getting over his ex so I stopped talking to him but he would randomly message me and say things like "hey stranger" or tease me and say "go to bed". I still really like him, sadly, but haven't talked to him in awhile. My friends say they think he likes me but is freaked out or something.

Oddly, every time I think about him, I feel "at home" or like we're supposed to be together eventually. When I was with him, it felt like I had always known him (we never talked in school either), I was so comfortable with him.

Is it weird to think that you know who you're supposed to be with? Why do I get this weird gut feeling?


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  • It's not weird at all. You've known him for a long time and you know that he's great that's why you feel like you're supposed to be with him.


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  • It's not weird, many people feel the same way including myself.

    You seem like you still have unfinished business with that guy from the past. You might be embarrassed to contact him first out of the blue but I feel like he's possibly shy. I feel like it'll be worth it if you can find out once and for all whether he is "the one".

    Whether you choose to contact him and invite him out to try again or move on, I wish you luck either way.


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  • i think this happens a lot. I know some people who just knew who they would end up with because it was just always that person. but I also know a lot of people who get the feeling they should be with someone and sometimes it's because you never got closure and that's what you need. either way, it's definitely not weird.


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