Why does my ex brag about his new girlfriend to me?

My ex boyfriend who I was together with for two years (we're both 17) texted me last night, we broke up just about two months ago. He has a new girlfriend who he has been dating for almost a month now, so they started dating about a month after we broke up. Last night he texted me and was basically bragging to me about how perfect they were for each other (I acted as if I didn't care he was bragging, I acted like I was okay with it). Was he trying to make me jealous? Is he not over me? Or has he really moved on? At the end of our relationship he told me he wasn't sure if he loved me anymore and that he was sort of interested in someone else (I'm assuming the new girl is her). I was so hurt that he moved on so quickly and I still love him so much. I'm so confused on why he would start dating a new girl so quickly and that he would brag to me about her! What does all this mean?


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  • Well I highly doubt any of us strangers can give you a precise answer because None of us KNOW your ex boyfriend. HE could be doing it for a NUMBER of reasons.

    Positive reasons:

    If you two are still on talking terms, its safe to assume that you are still friends. Maybe he considers you his best friend or a close friend and wants to share the happy details of his life.

    Negative reasons:

    He's trying to make you jealous or hurt you to some degree.

    Neutral Reasons:

    He still thinks you have feelings for him, and without directly rejecting you, he's letting you know that he's moved on and is happy.

    Without knowing him personally, its hard to explain what he is thinking and what his intentions are.


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  • Not a clue why he would do it (from a sanity perspective) as far as motive is concerned however, it seems like he was just trying to make you jealous.

    Regardless, it seems like youve escaped from a highly immature boy. Congrats.


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  • He's trying to get a reaction out of you, he wants to make you jealous.

    If he really wanted you he would be with you now (so, I don't think that is the reason).

    Some people just like knowing that there is someone out there that cares a lot for them (even if they wouldn't date the person). It's pretty much a ego booster.

  • because he still has unresolved issues about you and he needs to do something to make him feel better

  • he might do it to make you feel bad, to make you see "hes over you"

  • because he hasn't gotten over you, there is no other explanation


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