Why do guys stare after they break up with you?

I used to be in a relationship (for a month) with him and it all went well until I met his mother. Then the fights started and it was over in 3 days. He said that he doesn't want to see me anymore since he doesn't feel good around me anymore.

I saw him tonight and I wouldn't see me if he wasn't staring at me.

I don't know why is he staring if he doesn't want me anymore...?


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  • Ahhhh...the old exboyfriend stare.

    For starters,sorry about the breakup.But to be honest girly,it doesn't sound like the relationship was written in the stars so to speak.If you met his mum,and suddenly things went awry,then its probable that he is some type of mamas boy...and that has NOTHING to do with you.We have seen this type of situation in the movies whereas the mum doesn't like the girlfriend dating her "baby boy".Anyway,I think you should just cut your losses with this fool and keep it moving.The whole thing about him not feeling good around you anymore sounds absolutely absurd.No relationship is perfect,and there WILL be arguments here and there.Granted,I have no idea of why the two of you were arguing,but for someone to cut the relationship in a matter of days shows two things:Emotional/relationship immaturity and he wasn't that emotionally invested in you.This whole situation sounds off and slightly ridiculous.But if I were you,I wouldn't spend two seconds thinking about this assclown.

    So why is he staring at you?Probably for a few different reasons.Its probable he wants to see if you are upset about the breakup.Believe it or not,some people get an ego boost if someone still wants them after a breakup,and is having a hard time moving on.Its also probable,that he is figuring out or at least entertaining the idea that he made a BAD decision to abruptly end the relationship.Its also probable that maybe he was staring at you to figure out whether or not you are open to "talking" or will be open to "talking" in the future.Talking about what...I'm not sure.The demise of the relationship?Talking about maybe being friends?Who knows.

    In conclusion,your exboyfriend sounds really REALLY immature in my opinion.If he can't work through arguments and disputes,trust me.He isn't someone you want to be with.Thank your lucky stars that he actually showed his true colors this early on.Imagine if you would have stayed with him longer and something more serious came up.He probably would just run then too! Find someone worth your time and energy and who is on YOUR level.Don't waste anymore time thinking about this dude.

    • Thanks for BA :)

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  • Move on


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