Ex boyfriend blows hot and cold, I can't tell if he wants me back or not. What does he want?

My ex boyfriend and I dated for about a year. We broke up six weeks ago, and things have been really back and forth since then... whenever something good or bad happens, I'm the one he calls, and same for me. But he is hot and cold. Sometimes he is texting/calling me nonstop for a few days, asking to hang out, and we'll hang out a few times in a row and it'll feel exactly like it did when we were together. He'll be affectionate, interested, and seems totally in love with me. Then, he'll act all uninterested for a few days. He's never mean or anything, he just won't really be present in my life/won't try to talk to me for a few days.

He's totally hot and cold and it's so confusing. We broke up because he was questioning things, he basically said he needed space to figure it out because he knew the way he was feeling wasn't right. It took him two months to actually break up because he was so scared of losing me and not having me in his life.

So I'm confused; is he figuring out if he wants me/is there a chance he'll want to get back together? Or is he just stringing me along/keeping me on his hook?

He is not seeing anyone else; I know because a) he told me, and b) I'm good friends with his roommate's girlfriend and she is always telling me about what goes on when I'm not around.

I'M SO CONFUSED! How should I proceed if I want him back? And how should I interpret his hot and cold behavior?


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  • Sounds like he wants you when it's convient for him,I'd re-think your thoughts of wanting him back, he is your ex for a reason, and the hot & cold most likely won't stop anytime soon.


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