My ex said hope your doing well at the end of message

so basically we broke up almost one month ago and as he wish we decided to stay as friends. I tried to get hold of him and he was not respond much so I was really disappointed I didn't see the point of being friends when we are really not so I wrote him a letter about that I am finally getting over him and how I tried to understand him past 5years of on and off relationship which we were never officially together but always together kinda type of relationship I didn't write anything hurtful I wrote really gentle and nicely I even said I will always be there for him when he needs but I am giving up on him and us. then he replied but the end of the message he said I hope your doing well and I am just wondering if its actually saying good bye don't ever talk to me again kinda meaning ? why would he put that at the end not in the beginning of the message? is that mean have a good life kinda meaning?


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  • Dude. You've been trying to be his girl for 5 years? Get over it, seriously. If he wanted you, you'd be married already. You obviously AREN'T over him. If it hasn't happened yet it's not going toh appen, let it go.


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  • I believe that was a "have a good life, I doubt we will ever speak to each other again" message that he sent you. He is terminating association with you. Hard, but I'm fairly confident that is the point of his reply. It was a courtesy to reply to you, but this was it.

    • even though he told me he wanted us stay as friends ?should I just give him some space? and wait until he's ready to be friends again? the reason why we broke up was he doesn't think he can do long distance relationship he lives in the states I live in Australia we only see each other few months in a year cause he travels for his work and I travels the world for my work as well the reason why we were never officialy together was that reason but he told me he can't keep up on this it confuse him

    • and then whenever we see each other again it is always good to see me but then after few weeks we have to leave to each other for work. I do believe we could find the way to be together but he told me he gave up on trying to work things out with me . what do I do ?

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  • he just got closure, he doesn't want anything else to do with you


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