So what is a girl to do when she really craves a man?

I am really craving my ex like I literally am having withdrawals from him. I crave everything about him. Like I would literally drop to my knees and bow down to him and please him in anyway he wants and of course this would inturn give me pleasure back. I've tried to draw him back in by saying nice funny things, not long drawn out but short msgs. Not too many though. Actually two last week and two this week and I tried calling and left a message saying hi this is me. Anyway I am having intense dreams about him. I wake up and I am craving his sex so bad. He says he can't be in a relationship right now and that's cool I just wanna have fun with him. I don't wanna come off to strong, but he's like my demon and I feel that he is in my blood. I don't care if its a relationship of just sex either. I know some people may look down on this and believe me though it is not from lack of confidence. I beautiful, sexy, sweet, crazy, I look way younger than I am. He even told me how beautiful I am, how freaky I am, how my hygiene is great, and I'm the only female he knows that would ever stay up all night with him which I gotta say is so much fun. I love watching the sun come up with him. So anyway he broke it off again, this is the second time. Not cause of a fight though or anything. He said I'd p;robably see him again in a couple of months. Its been six weeks. So anyway with that big explanation what should I do guys? I don't wanna text a book, about wanting to be his hoe, but I really want to and I don't want anyone else, he won't call, How do I get his attention should I send a sexy pic and what should I say? Real suggestions please don't tell me to move on, cause I am so going through with drawals.


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  • If you want to be more interesting to him, you've got to peak his curiosity about you. Right now he probably feels like he's got you on a string wrapped around his finger (and he does!) but for the love of all that is holy, you CANNOT let him know this! While he does, you'll just be the girl on the shelf who (he knows) will always be there WHEN he wants you. Now you're wondering when that will be? Well, I 'll tell you when... when you show him signs that you're moving on. You've got to put that fear of losing you (for good) in him to bring him into action with you! Unfortunately, nothing else is going to work! No nasty pics, or displays of gushing affection for him will do! Although, the thought of losing you to another man will put a fire under his ass! I know how hard it is, as I'm in a similar situation myself. We have to bite our lips though and show ourselves to be the attractive, desirable, sexy women that we are... who doesn't need THEM to be happy! So, FORGET ABOUT HIM for now (I know you can't but at least make him think so!) and do all the things that make you feel good about yourself (workout, do your makeup and hair, buy a new sexy outfit) and get out there and mingle (in front of him, if possible!) Not so much flirting as to offend him but just enough to wanna tighten his rein on you will get him to come around. Show him (or at least make him think) he's NOT the center of your attention and I guarantee he'll be knocking on your door soon thereafter! Good luck and as tough as the withdrawals may be, try and have fun... in this dance of seduction, lol.


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  • Withdrawals. That's a good way to describe it. Love is a lot like an addiction, and ending it can be the same too. That doesn't mean you can get back in with your ex though. In fact, you really shouldn't. That only leaves a couple options.

    Option 1. Be on your own for a while, and let time heal the hole he left by focusing on other things and finding fun where you can. Then eventually, once you're comfy being you, go pick out a guy you like and start over. Preferably one that's up for the kind of relationship you want.

    Option 2. Go have a big throbbing juicy rebound fling with someone you'd NEVER have a relationship with. Make sure, because he won't be around long. You're rebounding, and any relationship you start right now is gonna be a rebound relationship. (This is also why you shouldn't try to get back with the ex.) Option 2 can actually be PART of option 1.

    Option 3. Try to get back with a guy that's dumped you twice while holding out hope for "a couple of months" and is manipulating you to keep you slobbering over him. He's an asshole, and trying to get back with him would only destroy your self respect. Don't choose this option. You deserve better.

  • It's obvious you're completely dependent. I guess he knows that. So basically, wait until he contacts you.

    But I have rarely read such high levels of desperation in a post.

    • Im am,not desperate I feel in love and chemistry is hard to explain

  • It sounds like he's not interested. I don't understand this is the only guy you would want to sleep with.

    • I very picky about looks and it drives me crazy when a guy has that nonchalant attitude

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    • I like the cute, blonde, surfers, skaters, snowboarders etc

    • It sounds like you're pretty limited on choices.

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