Is it okay for me to send my ex a care package?

My ex and I broke up about a month ago. Since then, he's been in contact. He is very angry, although I'm not 100% why, and he's not really saying. Apparently, if he can get over being angry, there's a chance that things will be okay with he and I (his words). In truth, I don't feel like I did anything wrong. I feel like he's taking his stress out on me, since a friend of mine told me that he's been working two full time jobs since a few days before he and I broke up.

I was thinking of sending him a care package, with some of his favorite candy, and maybe a movie or something like that, just to maybe give him something to smile about. But I'm also worried that he'd open it and be angry that I sent it.

What do you think? Would it be a bad idea? He's emailed me a few times this week, so we're speaking -- just things are very very odd.


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  • Why did you guys break up? Was it mutual?

    It seems like he's really not happy about it, I'm not sure why he would be keeping in contact with you though unless he's hoping for things to get better between you two.

    Sending him a care package just to make him smile sounds.. unnecessary. It might sound mean but right now it doesn't seem like it's your job to make him smile or feel happy. You are either going to start sending false, confusing signals or maybe just upset him further.

    • It wasn't mutual at all. We got into an argument on the phone one day, and he ended it. When I tried to talk to him after, he told me he needed space, so I gave him space. He got in touch with me again, though. I apologized for the argument, and at first he told me that the break up wasn't my fault at all, but then now he makes it sound like he's really very angry at me. It's very odd, because he's the one who reestablished contact with me.

    • He seems like he needs time to sort out his feelings and everything. I don't know where you stand in all of this but for the time being I would just try to let him be. It's good you gave him space when he asked for that, just keep that up. The ball's more or less in his court, although we're not sure what's got him so strongly upset, it's probably doubtful there's much you can do to change that right now.

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  • Why are you even talking to him still?
    A guy who take his anger out on you is not someone you need to waste your time on. He sounds like a jerk.

    • It's tough to let go of 2 years of being together. Usually, he's very sweet -- which is why his behavior now is so shocking. I can't make sense of it at all.

  • Go for it girl!


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