Should I send my ex a Christmas card?

We've been split for a month, Im currently doing no contact. But i figure by Christmas i could just reach out to say merry Christmas with the same cards i send out to everyone, nothing special or different just a card wishing him and his son merry Christmas. appropriate?


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  • No contact should be no contact, who split up with who? My ex dumped me a 5-6 weeks ago and I've decided to not wish her a merry Christmas or happy new years. I was deeply in love with her and we were together for a year. That's my plan at least. Sorry for the breakup, I know how much it sucks.

    • He split up with me a month ago tomorrow. I shouldn't because i love him like crazy. He totally broke my heart too.

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    • Good that's the right mindset to have

    • thanks!

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  • No that sounds like a bad idea. It will make him think your desperate to get back in his life.

  • Not only no but FUCK NO!!!


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