10 Rules To Being A Good Wingman

10 Rules To Being A Good Wingman

Ladies rarely fly solo, so you'll need a solid wingman to help entertain her friend. When you hit the town for a guy's night, you want end up making out not striking out with a girl. A good wingman knows his role for the night and is willing to take one for the team (even if that means hanging with the less attractive annoying friend), so that his friend aka pilot gets the girl.

1. The Team

The best wingman is someone who is similar to the "pilot." Just as attractive and charming, but off the market so he has nothing to lose. The wingman lives vicariously through helping his friend meet the girl and must be able to adapt to any situation. The wingman also acts like a coach giving you a pep talk before you talk to the prettiest girl in the room.

2. The Pilot

If your friend approaches the group of girls first, he gets the first pick. It takes balls and charisma to approach a group of women, to risk being turned away, and start a substantial conversation.

3. The Mission

Whether you're interested or not, your mission is to chat up the other girl(s), so your friend can get to know the one he's interested in. Don't completely mislead her, but give her some attention, make her feel special, and engage her with witty conversation.

4. Solidarity

Women learn a lot from how you and your friends treat each other and talk about each other. Don't throw your buddy under the bus in front of a girl because you will just look desperate.

5. Ratios

The male to female ratio is very crucial. If you're outnumbered three girls and two guys, you can't take the girl you like somewhere else because you're "pilot" will be left with the girl he likes and her friend. Your job is to be the wingman! But if it's two guys and two girls, always try to leave with the other woman, to give your friend space to be alone with his girl.

6. Talk Your Friend Up

You don't want your friend to sound full of himself, so when he goes to the bar to get everybody drinks, tell the girl's friends about his best qualities. Also do some recon and find out if the girl he wants is even single, her likes, dislikes, etc.

7. Set Your Friend Up

Suggest scenarios that will give your friend the best opportunity to romance or be alone with the girl he's talking to. Whether you suggest heading to a diner after the bar or walking on the beach after the club.

8. Speak It Into Existence

If you act like your friend and the girl he's interested in are already a couple it will show her what it would be like and these subliminal messages are known to be very effective.

9. Communicate

The wingman and the pilot need to be on the same page! Make sure you text each other or read each other's body language and signals so you aren't telling the same stories, embarrassing your friend, etc. The wingman is responsible for having his friend's back: don't let your friend get too much to drink, get too touchy with the girl, have something in his teeth, etc.

10. Block the C*ck-Block

Run interference on the other guy eyeing your friend's girl, her own friend trying to keep them from each other, or even somebody who has targeted your friend.

By definition, a wingman is "your partner, the man who will never leave your side and will always have your back, no matter the circumstances." The same goes for on the battlefield we call dating! Be a good wingman, and the favor shall be returned! How has your experience been as a wingman? Have you ever been failed by your wingman?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm so tired of this "wingman" shit. If you're immature and dumb enough to try these types of things then you don't need to be dating and if a woman is dumb enough to not notice men doing stupid, immature shit like this then no one needs to be dating her. I don't get why people have to play games with each other, just fucking be real.

    • "I don't get why people have to play games with each other" Me neither but women tend to be less direct than men. Some just like to play hard to get, for whatever weird reason that may be.

    • yup and well it does work to get his attention but only for little while then you have to keep him interested with an actual personality and not some juvenile game, so I don't understand the point still lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • Also may i add the wingman needs to make damn sure none of the girls understand what's going on.
    I've seen it more than once where things backfire in hillarious ways.
    Like the time where the girl realized what the wingman did for his friend, so she figured he (the one who was the wingman) was in fact the best catch.
    Or when the distracted friend realized what was going on, and went tyrannosaurus wrecks.
    Or the time her friend caught up, and we ended up being two about wingmanning them.
    (i need to be the head pilot more often...)

    point is; all of this needs to go bellow the radar, or else things become a bit unpredictable. Makes for fun stories afterwards, but it kinda... goes against the point and the plan for the night.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I always LOVE being someone's wingwoman! It's so fun to make sure they get someone they want. I've been it for guys as well. :D


What Guys Said 5

  • Wingman YourFutureEx reporting sir.

    Advantages :-

    Disadvantages :-
    ●I can't ride bike

    Well, it's the biggest pet peeve of my friends AKA pilots. They want me to ride the bike and concentrate on road while they approach her from the back seat but I can't :(

    Other than that, we had so many safe flights. ✈

  • While it sounds silly to me, apparently it's not exactly bullshit:


  • People do this?

  • I want to throw up.

  • Being wingman is not easy, you need to talk good as same as your friend.

    I've seen so many douchebags wana be fitness jerkies (they think they can get girl just because of their muscles :D) How they failed it was funny actually.