Types of Women to Avoid


Hello Gents,

Dating is a challenge these days. As some of you know by now. There are rules, games, and double standards that we as men have to deal with. Unfortunatley that's the way it is these days. You can't just tell a woman that you like them. Especially if she's beautiful, as there are many men lined up behind you waiting to have a crack at her. One wrong move and you could lose her forever. Right?

Or, perhaps what if it's her? What if she's the problem not you? Guys we need to stop blaming ourselves. Guys we need to start looking at the women that we want to date very closely. Guys we need to start expecting more from the modern woman. The days of chivalry are long gone due to equality. How can we be there equal he they still want us to be old fashioned. Contradicting much? Let's face it some women aren't worth fighting for these days. Some women are and still do believe in traditional values. So I created this list of things to be wary of when it comes to dating women.

1. The Woman with a sense of Entitlement

Types of women to avoid.

Yup, I'm sure you've seen it or at least heard about it. The woman that thinks just because she's a woman she deserves to be treated like a queen. Entitlement is when you think you deserve something without actually working for it. Look I know there are a ton of beautiful women out there but if they project this, they are not worth the time. Why should she be treated like a queen if she hasn't done anything to earn it. As men we have to work for everything we earn and need. Just because she's a woman doesn't mean she shouldn't to. Avoid this woman.

2. The disrespectful woman that wants respect in return

Types of Women to Avoid

That should sum it up. The old saying goes "Treat people the way you want to be treated." Evidently some people didn't get the memo. How can I respect you if you show no respect towards me. Some women can be cruel, vulgar, and over all disrespectful. This woman pretty much doesn't deserve the time of day no matter how great she looks gentlemen. She could be a Jennifer Aniston look alike but if she has a bad attitude dont even look at her.

3. The Gold Digger

Types of Women to Avoid

You all know her the young 23 year old woman with a 50 year old man. Sure she could actually "Love" him but let's be honest. How do you have sex with someone 30 years older then you. I guess you just have to keep the will on the headboard so when it gets all gross and disgusting you can look up and see "Oh a house in Maui, I guess I can do this" seriously. These women want one thing and one thing only. YOUR MONEY! So stay away she's using you.

4. The Rebound

Types of Women to Avoid

She is the one that still is in love with her ex but she's using you to either make him jealous or get over him. She knowingly deep down wants nothing to do with you. It's usually a woman that will have sex with you but in all actuality she is just using you. While you're left in the dark thinking that she's actually in to you. So if you ever feel like you're the rebound guy tell her to get to stepping. Ain't nobody got time for that. Unless you just want the sex then by all means just to have a heavy heart on your sleeve.

5. The Damsal in Distress

Types of Women to Avoid

This is the woman that says she's treated horribly in her relationship. So she tells you about it. Eventually you start to believe what she saying is true. This could be a married woman who "says" her husband has cheated on her and she's tired of being treated "horribly". Knowing this you pursue her and she tells you she's thinking about leaving her husband. This is a LIE! She will never leave him well because quite frankly he's paying for her way. She's living off of him. So she will drag you along having her cake and eating it to. This woman is a deceiver and kiniving evil woman. Though she acts like she's is the one in the wrong. For all you know her husband could be an amazing man she's hair looking for something on the side. So it's best you not get involved.

So that's about it Gents, feel free to add anything that you might have experienced before. I myself will admit I fell for The Damsal in Distress. Thankfully I got out of that. Anyways. Take it for what it is. Women just aren't the same as what they used to be. I think it has to do with the feminist movement that's starting to morph into some man hating bitter overweight cows that hate everything if it doesn't benefit them. My personal opinion though. Like I said feel free to add. There's always exceptions to the rule. There're are actually great genuine women who want to share their life and love with a good man. Those are a dime a dozing these days but you can find her. Once you do cherish her but still hold your ground as a man should.

Types of Women to Avoid
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  • bloodmountain1990
    Definitely agree with number 4. I got rebounded very bad and the signs were there, I just didn't know what a rebound was. It really fucks with your head. But this girl was crazy. She had so much baggage with her on and off ex of 6 years that she asked me to make fun of him for his babydick. She then went to this guy and they broke up and she complained about how she was manipulated and used which is exactly what she did to me.

    Karma is a cunt isn't it, just like how she is lol
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    • Yeah only thing you can do is write it up to experience and don't even consider being in that situation again, unless you want a one night stand.

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  • RJGraveyTrain
    Honestly, I agree with a lot of this, shockingly enough.
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  • Goldie757
    Interesting take. These points could be applied to both genders.

    Although you could add..
    Jealous or possessive (does not like you having female friends)
    Faux Feminist (Acts like men are plague to society)
    Emotional Fool (Mentions marriage when you have been dating a month)
    • Great points. I had a woman mention marriage on our third date before. lol

  • DiscoDutchess
    I prefer the company of older men that are twenty years my senior, not for their money, but because they are mature, have class, and know exactly who they are.. They are also a hell of a lot more experienced in the bedroom, so I don't have to teach them how to please me. Besides, men are like a fine wine. They get better with age.
    • Whatever floats your boat! But yes men do get better with age.

    • CalvinHung

      i agree fat balding men with hair in all the wrong places are so sexxy. "know exactly who they are" i threw up

  • HookingSwan
    Nice take. Some guys are still not aware of this, so they treat the whole female gender the same, because of the mistakes a few make.
    • There's definitely still good people out there. It's just a lot harder to find these days. I used to think like that till I found this amazing girl. It's easy to see why some people would but it's not true. People just need to stop trying to find a mate in a bar or club hah.

    • So true! ๐Ÿ˜„

    • Applefan1

      Some women also do the same. The thing is the men and women that do this then wonder why they are single or blame the fact they are single on the other gender when it is their own fault. No one likes their gender generalised. LOL

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  • jormungand
    I know all of these things, but it is a good reminder nonetheless. Seriously, is there a way I can copy this MyTake and hang it above my bed or sth? I don't ever wan't to be in the clutches of one of these.

    Great take! And if I may add something, it's not really a type of girl but rather a situation. No, actually this is just what happened to me:
    I had been flirting with a girl for a while, we talked a lot and seemed to have had a spark, I pointed out I was interested in her and wanted to get to know her better. BUT, her reaction to this was strange. According to her it was weir to say that. Before we even agreed to a date, even at her house. But afterwards she said she was joking! WTF? She only told me this when, I wanted to talk about the specifics, otherwise she'd have kept me in the dark. This happend several times, looking back I was a real fool. She even got a boyfriend in the mean time, i didn't know anything and our relationship continued the same as ever, we even talked about sex with each other. Not completely serious but still. After a while i noticed something didn't add up. I confronted her, and told her how I felt about her, and again she told me it was weird that I felt that way about her. I was completely dumbstruck. Even now I still can't understand why she didn't tell me truthfully what was going on, how she felt about me, and acted like she didn't do anything wrong. She thinks it's normal to leave someone hanging like that even if they explicitly ask you how matters stand. Now she wonders why I don't talk to her anymore. Smh, I don't know how to classify this. But yeah, be wary of this type of things happening. Don't let yourself be played.

    What is your take on this? @MrChadeo920
    • Well first off I think you made a mistake by telling her that your interested in her. Unfortunately, these days, especially with younger women you can't tell them that you like them. They respond more to your body language and assertiveness. It is true that women want men who are or can be an ass hole if need be. Sounds like she friend zoned you. Especially if she asked you why you don't talk to her anymore. Either you need to tell her how it is, "I want to date you, you don't want to date me, so I'm out looking for other girls. I don't have time for you" tell her that next time she tries to contact you. Yes women like this who play head games which is about 90% of them, you don't want to make time for. The minute they have a doubt about you and them, cut them off. Just don't waste your time.

    • jormungand

      Hahaha yes. But I'll pay heed to your advice. The thing is i met her via a friend, I started talking to her, and in the beginning I said that she seemed interesting and I wanted to get to know her better. That was like a month after I met her. We kept it going for like 5 months, then she got a boyfriend out of the blue. It's already a month after she left me hanging again. Hadn't talked to her since, wasn't planning to and all of a sudden she wants to talk again. Kind of funny actually. But when she does this again I'll tell her straight up that I talked to her because I wanted to date her and that I actually liked her (back then). But now, I'm out looking for someone new and this chapter is over, completely. Instead of being vague and saying that I'm not in the mood to explain myself anymore. Thanks for the advice mate.

  • Stacyzee
    This reminds me of my take: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a21856-men-don-t-allow-ladies-to-use-you

    Very good job! I agree :)
    • Thanks, yeah there's always exceptions t the rule. I'm dating an amazing woman right now. Who doesn't expect much and doesn't want much. So I just felt abliged to let me know it is possibility to find a great girl and ladies it's possible to find a great man.

    • Stacyzee

      That's great words of encouragement!
      Im glad you didn't think all women were that way

    • I did have that mindset for a while but luckily I found a great girl.

  • Espolare99
    Surprised to see an honest non bitter and non biased take about women. Nothing but truth here. Im almost disappointed I came here cocked and locked ready to shoot down another sexist pig but dont worry I will keep it holstered lol.
  • YourFutureEx
  • JudgmentDay
    I just read the other list on 8 Types of Women Men should avoid. You have reiterated the Gold Digger type. But the other 4 are similar to what comes to my mind about how people have unrealistic expectations when they get into relationships and dating, in particular to number 1 on your list, those that have that sense of Entitlement. As for those that lacked respect and is disrespectful but wants respect in return, it's almost the same as those that argue over every single thing. It's all very one sided and biased that they are always in the right and had to be the one that is right all the time in a relationship which will also eventually likely lead to a split and breakup if they don't learn to negotiate and compromise and put aside their ego even if at least for once or twice.

    Rebound and Damsel in Distress. Now I've heard of someone being the Rebound Guy or Rebound Girl so I'd be very careful if I was someone looking to hang around and serious date and commit to someone that still has trouble letting go of their former significant other (s). Any sign that they aren't fully ready to let go, means it's time to ditch 'em and move on to somebody else instead of wasting your time and effort with them.

    Never heard of Damsel in Distress, but it's good to know and void this type of women. Best to just avoid Women that are in any relationships or marriages altogether even if they claim that their relationships or marriages suck or is an abusive one. I'd say, well they are on their own, can't help 'em and guys like us are not obligated to to help them or to save their ass from their supposedly abusive and horrible relationship as they claim and described it as.
  • heartattack25
    Very true. Other women see and recognize them. They are as clear as glass to us. What I don't get is why do guys choose them over the good women. I swear men are masochists. They would choose the beautiful girl with a bad attitude who puts them through drama and finishes all their money over the intelligent, beautiful, caring, independent, funny and loyal woman. I have seen it with so many of my male friends. They are always going for these dramatic bitches who make them miserable and break their heart. Then they rebound with the good girls and treat them like shit. I never set them up with my female friends. Don't need any more cynical women out there.
    • singlebee

      This is same with guys too... we can see how bad a guy could be... But women normally go for these bad boys

    • blondfrog

      Same goes vice versa I see most women choosnig the bad guy the douchey guy who treats her like shit.

  • kittykatbrat
    You forgot my type = "The financially-independent-mentally-unstable-bad-girl who only luuuurves cock and having fun"
  • AleDeEurope
    I hate the first ones, it's like:
    "The guy has to have a six pack, huge biceps *sluuurps* back dimples, big sexy calves *nom nom nom buuuurp* the v-line *fart* oh and don't forget a big dick!"
    F*ck you and your demands! She needs a therapist ASAP xD

    Nice Take, I agree with all ;)
  • confusedone14
    The poor communicators or ones whose actions never match their words, say that they have always been direct with you but only just confuse over and over.
  • hazal21
    Oh Yes This is a great take. Hats off Take owner!
    I still feel bad for my one male friend who was extremely hurt just because his ex left him for another guy who was very rich and got those six packs , she left him at a very critic moment and i still can't understand why my friend is still after her he still thinks that she will come back to him one day. Seriously i should show this take to my friend.
    • jjmarvin

      You should. Thats what platonic friends are for, to be a shoulder to cry on or a friendly ear when other members of that gender can be cruel. ;)

    • hazal21

      yeah i will try to give him a good piece of advise

  • ObscuredBeyond
    I've often fallen prey to the damsel in distress. But she never expects me to connect dots and do homework. The minute her story doesn't add up, I confront her over it as though I were the DCAU version of Batman. And that's usually when the mask peels away and I see the evil freak beneath. That's when I know who is in real need of rescue and who's a deceiver. Of course, then I have to avoid them for a different reason - they now know that I know too much.
  • Jxpxtxr
    Nice take & I liked how your points are so applicable to both genders, especially the first one :)
  • solivagant
    this is definitely a well written Take. Definitely there are good women out there as well as the opposite ones. I never came across such women. Tbh, I never ever tried to find one for myself but if I will try, I am gonna keep these things in mind. thanks!
  • drummerdude25
    Is the girl in the last picture Taylor Swift? Lol...
    • Heh yeah I guess it is. I don't know I googled Damsal in distress and that's what I got.

    • Either way, that was well-played... ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • zagor

      Of course if a girl looks like Taylor Swift a guy will put up with any of this shit.

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  • thedevilwithin
    Agree, great take:)
    I feel like someone should tell guys this in high school.
  • akadatank44
    Perfect! I couldn't stress enough to women what you said "Treat people the way you want to be treated" I would also add on to it. The women who don't stand up to their problems and ignore them and stay away from them. How can I respect you when you ignore the problems in your life and you don't fix them? You aren't going to grow as a person and take the easy way out and being lazy. Life's rough, nobody said life was easy.
  • VampireEmpress
    aren't these obvious? guys act like this too, and I think they're obvious.
    • The issue is more complicated than that. For example people have different levels of self esteem. Some people assume they must be doing something wrong for their partner to not treat them better. This is why often a guy or girl will start treating their partner better the worse they get treated. They are trying to earn the approval of their partner, because they think it is their own fault they got mistreated in the first place.

    • @heavensgift2girls sure. the predatory people will prey on low self esteem people.

  • sunsetgoddess9
    Im a good genuine woman who only wishes i could find someone but I give up at this point. Im too sweet of a woman for anyone.

    Answer my question. Please?
  • Unit1
    What an excellent formulated take.

    All so true. I really agree!

    Also, if any normal lady happens to seek advice on how to NOT become a cruel woman for the normal gentleman, just review these examples in this take so you don't become one of those.

    I think the most common type are the gold diggers and I think they always have been.
  • sjoes006
    I love that Taylor Swoft is the picture sake of this my take. 😀
  • CasaNorba
    kickass article bro! and thanks for mapping it all out for us.

    i was raised by number 1 yet 2s and 5s tend to flock to me like flies to a pile of shit
  • Prof_Don
    Many guys SAY they don't mind being #4 (the rebound) ... until they catch feelings!
  • Chris_Pratt
    I'm Chris Pratt and I approve this MyTake. -goes on to read the comments from disrespectful gold digging entitled damsels in distress saying not all women are like that-
  • ShaeNielson
    All of these could be used on men too.
    • Agreed it can always relate to someone. However, this take was geared more towards guys. I appreciate your comment though.

    • blondfrog

      Its very rare for a man to be a gold digger

    • @blondfrog The male equivalent would be the old man wanting the young girl.

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  • tyrantfuryre
    So, the gold diggers, the useless ones and the entitled ones.
  • LouiePaarthurnax
    Nice take. It works the other way around too, especially no. 1.
  • Dave_Jose
    #1 is the one that I see some times and it pisses me off
  • KidanisCortes
    Well I'm always the rebound guy and never notice it oh well
  • FuminoriKyou
    I've spent too many hours pursuing a damsel in distress before wising up. All of them are easy to avoid if you look on with a skeptical eye.
    • Me too my friend. But we learn from that and move forward.

  • James19
    Comments and article both are awesome. Nice work bro. High five
  • LittleSally
    Yup, yup, I agree! Goes for all people. =)
  • mjones_206
    you forgot about black women stay away from them cause they crazy
    • OpenClose

      Where have you met black women, and since when are they a monolithic group?

    • I am a black woman and I can guarantee we are not crazy. We are just like every other race of women out there. smh. You are very young to have this kind of attitude. You should go and see more women. We are all the same.

  • pinkbubble
    Awesome take :)
  • serious
    Yes, I agree with this. Good post
  • Hazel_alchemy
    Well said!!
  • TheGrumpyCat
    *standing ovation*

  • Strider90
    One of my ex's was 2 , 4 and 5 together.
  • chuppachup
    Very true. Nice take.
  • thotramus
    no one loves gold diggers
  • luckyclover777
    wow i'm glad i'm not one of those! haha
  • Anonymous
    That's every girl on this planet.
  • Anonymous
    Very informative.

  • Anonymous
    Sorry, I can't help myself xD

    Little short skirt with a big attitude
    She wants to be a model, wants to be on the tube
    Yeah, it's one thing or another
    She's trouble trouble
    Watch out, if you're near
    She could bring you to tears
    She's got two boyfriends and three wannabe's
    They follow her around like she's Aphrodite
    She's number one rated but she's already jaded
    She's following the trends in her Mercedes Benz
    Everyone wants to know her name
    Walking down the hall, she's every guy's dream

    I hate the homecoming queen
    I'm pretty damn sure she can't stand me
    She thinks she's on the cover of a magazine
    I hate the homecoming queen tonight, that's right

    Non-fat, sugar free, mochachini
    She says give it to me now
    You can keep the receipt
    Drinking one after the other
    She's trouble, trouble
    Tossing back her hair and she just don't care
    Everyone wants to play her game
    Walking down the street, she's every guy's dream

    I hate the homecoming queen
    I'm pretty damn sure she can't stand me
    She thinks she's on the cover of a magazine
    I hate the homecoming queen tonight, that's right

    She gets everything she asks for
    But she's somehow always wanting more
    Little short skirt with a big attitude
    She wants to be a model, wants to be on the tube
    Yeah, it's one thing or another
    She's trouble, trouble
    Watch out, if you're near
    She could bring you to tears

    I hate the homecoming queen
    I'm pretty damn sure she can't stand me
    She thinks she's on the cover of a magazine
    I hate the homecoming queen

    I hate the homecoming queen
    I'm pretty damn sure she can't stand me
    She thinks she's on the cover of a magazine
    I hate the homecoming queen tonight
    That's right, yeah yeah
  • Anonymous
    I'm surprised women on here aren't trying to say this biased or trying to deny this is true LOL.

    But, great take, I very much agree with it. Although number 1 can apply to the rest. Because of Entitlement due to being a woman, there are women who feel entitled to a man's money, a man's heart, attention, and respect without giving that in return. And if he dosent just give that, then to those type of women he is a pig and an asshole.

    Another one to add is the Feminist type women who not only feel entitled to everything for the sole reason of being women, but also think all guys are pigs and are out for blood and play men. They don't respect men but yet demand respect from men or else they are evil to them.

    Entitlement to me is the scorn of the earth. Your not entitled to anything due to the person you were born. Your only entitled to what you have earned. When a guy gives a girl a gift or buys her things, that should be appreciated as a kind gesture, not expected and demanded.
    • Very true. Especially about the modern feminists. They take things too far. Feminism is about equality not the dominance of one sex over another.

  • Anonymous
    I dont mind being a rebound or a side nxgga thats my goals actually ;D
    • jormungand

      why? just why?

    • Anonymous

      More girls less drama

    • Uhh yeah no. You've got a lot to learn. More girls = More drama.

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  • Anonymous
    I don't understand why girls are saying this applies to both genders as a way to justify this. Of course it applies to both genders but this take was aimed at the women which is why it was a take for men directed at women. The same way there are takes for women aimed at men.
    • I agree. Yeah it's aimed towards the guys. But none the less it can always work both ways.

  • Anonymous
    You could have made this article three times as long.