There Are Two Types of Women That Men Should Avoid Dating

There Are Two Types of Women That Men Should Avoid Dating

Hello there,

I want to share my take on the type of girls that you should avoid dating. If you have not had much dating experience this list might not make sense. Girls that fall under this category, please don't be offended.

1. Family values - strong male role model

I have dated this type of girl, and even though some time has passed, I still very much regret meeting her. This specially applies to guys that are successful - avoid this type!

if a girl that has grown up in a family that had no strong male role-model. Especially if the male in the family was pussyfied (beta male), alcoholic, drug abuse, has not devoted anytime to his little girl. that showed her how a man should be, I'm not talking about the type of male, that sat there scratching his nuts - drinking beer. I'm talking about; being able to get on the ground and be able to play with his little girl and engage her in conversations and have daddy daughter events and nights. A positive experience with a male from early on.

what happens when the girl has daddy issues from the begging, if they had unresolved issues whether it be father to daughter or son to mother (for girls) if they have unresolved issues, love desire, need, etc. they content to try to reconcile those outstanding issues on the man in their life(today)

you might be a great guy - if she had a shitty father/shitty childhood she can often reconcile/ resolve those issues on you, when really there is nothing there to be resolved - its on her head! other thing that can happen is - they tend to not respect the value that you bring to the table- you might be an accomplished guy, first born, an alpha, get things done, bring a lot to the table, they don't value that, they don't give a shit. They never had that, its just not something they care about. she didn't value it as a child and why would she value it now. if a male was an option to her in her childhood, that will still care on, you will also be an option. It will all be about her, If something goes wrong, it will be very easy for her to walk away, if there is something she doesn't like or serve her needs at that time she will leave!

if you spot a girl with daddy issues - don't even waste your time.

one other thing I have to warn you about don't confuse pussified father with a strong male role model. what i mean by that is; there are woman out there roaming around today, that have had fathers in their life. but they have served them their entire life! You see it in adulthood, what it looks like is this "daddy i need to do this and i need to that" i need to move furniture around my house" and he will drop what he is doing and show up at her house and go and move thing around "serve her" paint walls, hang chandeliers do all kinds of crazy shit- all the time! and that pussified father is what she is going to expect from you as a man as a guy she is dating- she is going to expect you to bend over backwards and do everything for her

2. A girl that needs you to save her.

This type of girl needs you to come save her, support her. This is a really odd one - we live in a world with feminism movement that started in the 60's or 70's. We live in a world today that woman want to stand on their own two feet or at least give the impression that they do but they go around in life picking and choosing what they should or shouldn't do. it's like "i want to have rights and i want to vote want to get paid equally and all that stuff - which is all great and i am for that but when it comes to certain things like - I don't know - maybe picking up the tab once in a while, But when you go to diner and when the tab gets there - they are like oh I don't want to deal with that shit cuz i got this stuff over here and i get to be a woman, you know - be served. This type of scenario can escalate really fast.

There are many woman out there that will want you to save them. however, money can build interest and multiply. But women don't, if they are getting in a stage where they can't stand on their feet and want a guy to rescue them. That is not an asset - its a liability!

Stay away from girls like this - all they are going to do is milk you dry! and they are easy to spot.

3. Entitled women

I won't get too into this - just based on the fact i feel like the GAG audience is fairly young and this won't be as useful weeding out their dates.

This type of woman that are battling their ex's over property and/or child custody. If they are trying to take full control of the property or the child. She didn't buy that property all her self or bring that child to earth by her self either. A kid needs both parents to grow up, ad her over controlling desire, is blinding her judgment.

Pick your partners carefully! In the begging, it might seem like all fun and games, however they will have a major impact on you as a whole. Some can leave you with a scare and other will make you feel like king. ( the first one won't make you feel like a king thats for sure)

There Are Two Types of Women That Men Should Avoid Dating
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  • Anonymous

    I strongly agree with this take, and especially #1. I have seen this play out over and over again. Girls who grew up in a home without a strong male role model, or with no father present at all, and especially if she had a feminist type mother... those girls will bring a man nothing but misery.

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  • debi2622

    Would not disagree.

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  • Dchrls78104

    I would totally avoid #3, with her come most of my dealbreakers.

  • Lance1965

    I have to agree, especially on #3.

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