Types of men women should avoid or do avoid while dating

There are all types of men out there. Some are the types we want to bring to mom and some men are types that some women just want to bring home.

However, there are some we should try to avoid at all costs. If you are a women looking for a guy for a long term future, check out this list of men you should try to stay away from.

1. Mr. Perennial Bachelor

Types of men women should avoid or do avoid while dating

He's well mannered, attractive, witty, And successful. It may be hard for you to believe, but he's single.

Even if you are cautious, his charm might lure you in. Suddenly, when things get serious, he'll ditch the relationship as fast as a cheetah.

There is no right woman for this guy and there will never be. He hasn't introduced you to his friends and family.

2. The guy who is always getting married

He's all about getting married but he treats marriage like a luxury car lease and in a few years he'll be ready to trade you in for a "new model."

He hasn't figured out that passion naturally cools and when he does he will blame you. Find out he many times he's been married. If he's been married 2-4 times chances are, he could be married 2-4 more times.

3. The No Money Guy

He uses you for sex and money. He has a low budget yet he had expensive taste and counts on you to keep him stylish.

He'll play on your natural affinity for nurturing and caretaking.He's always broke when it's time to pay. He'll say "it's for us" whenever you buy something.

5. Mama's Boy

He's sweet, affectionate, and understanding but he's hung up on his mom. His mom influences everything. If he pushes you to choose sides guess who he chooses?

You lose. Project into the future and his mom will determine everything including how to raise his children.

6. Peter Pan Syndrome

Even if he's in his 30s or 40s he still thinks he's the frat boy and he's always ready for a trip or party. Difficult situations aren’t in his repertoire, and when the going gets tough, you’ll be going it alone.

7. Egomaniac

He's brilliant, accomplished and has an unflagging belief in his own infallibility. When he’s not 100% right, he won’t take it well if you point it out.

He may want an accomplished woman, but not one so successful that you eclipse his glory. He may try to undermine your success. He might embarrass you in front of colleagues in the guise of “being funny.”

When you complain, he’ll accuse you of being too sensitive. He never gets tired of talking about himself. He doesn't care what you have to say. He will listen but only to prepare for his next persuasive statement.


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  • obviously there are exceptions to every rule and if you meet any of these types and they seem like good people it may be worth digging a little deeper to get to know them and maybe uncover why they are the way they are or the where they are in life

    but overall it does make sense to at least note all these as red flags


Most Helpful Girl

  • Pretty bang on but I'd add onto the serial wedder. I'd say stay away from "branch swingers" in general - you know, folks who constantly jump from one serious relationship to another, are never single more than a couple weeks and quickly fall "in love" with everyone they date.


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  • 5. Mamas boy is fine lol!
    women just get upset because they know the only person actually who loves a man is his momma
    #facts #mymomsloveispriceless

  • overall probably right on for women.
    however, keep in mind there are exceptions to every rule.
    I was left with nothing after a divorce I didn't want. I had just taken a pretty good paycut as it was finally my time to have a career I wanted after letting my ex have anything she wanted. then she decides she doesn't want her family.
    so I just don't have the money to travel and go out to dinner every date and pay for everything. I pay as much as I can. but the guy can't pay for everything these days. Women love to be equals, except for when the check comes...

    • If the women you date don't pick up the check about every other date then you are dating the wrong women. I've only ever known one woman that never picked up checks and she didn't ever get past the third or so date.

  • I'm number four...

    • Yea number four relates to me so well @iamyourneighbor

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    • @Ihav2fart well maybe it's time for you to disappear 😉 sleep with one eye open!
      @Take Owner I KNOW!!! He was in magic mike too but to be honest, there, Channing takes the cake. He can totally Channing all over my Tatum 😂

    • Channing is not my type but he has a nice body

  • hahaha yes yes yes, this post made me actually cry laughing! Its so true!! whoever wrote this is a legend. Legendary.

  • There is nothing wrong with being a momma's boy.

    • Lol there is something wrong with being a mamas boy if you are a douchebag too

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    • @Sara413 Momma comes first.

    • lol true. Personally I would get my mom's approval on any girl I'm serious about.

      sometimes it's hard for you to see things clearly yourself, but other people can.

  • so basically you can´t date any guy? :P

  • I'm number 1 and the type of women I avoid are 23 years olds who are already talking about "long term future".

  • so, what kind of men do women actually want?

    • Good ones. I don't have any more of an idea what that mean, either, but "good" is an arbitrary term, if that gives you a better idea.

    • Men who are kind and considerate, who can take care of themselves and are emotionally stable.

    • "Men who are kind and considerate"

      Lol, yeah right. That's a bonus, not anywhere near a requirement.

  • Hai peter pan here and i'd say being a peter pan is far more valuable than being with any woman and is more enjoyable.

  • Sadly, this is cutting out probably about 50%-65%+ of the guys out there.

    • Agreed but also being a mamas boy" is bad but u still should choose family over your girlfriend unless you have been dating for years or are married family comes first

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    • Absolutely agree on that Mama's boy issue. If your relationship with your mother is where she has to live next door, and you still allow her to do your laundry. However, having a healthy relationship with your mom isn't bad at all. Shoot, my mom is one of my best friends, but she's very open , honest and loves my fiance.

    • I was being sarcastic more less, but what you've mentioned seemed to be a good number of guys out there. I'm probably off about 15% or so, but it's amazing how many play boys, and guys who still party are out there.

  • Men can tell better if other men are one of these. Same as women can better understand women. That's why its good to have friends of the opposite sex to give hints.

    I remember meeting one guy at a party and he seemed very cocky and unfriendly to me, later he was making out with a new girl. I think every guy there knew he was just a player and it wouldn't be long till it's over. And alas it was.

    • Some men and women have bro codes and girl codes where they won't tell the opposite gender certain things

    • I mean if you are a girl with a guy friend. Bro code doesn't apply here, she is his friend not the other dudes.

    • I agree. If my two long time male friends don't like a guy they are always right. They hated every man my best friend dated until her husband. And they can tell when a guy I'm dating likes me for the right reasons or not.

  • What if I have some qualities of #1, #5, #6, and #7 ? :)

    I think all guys at least have some of these qualities. If you find a guy with none of these qualities, he's probably a hippie who cares about nothing but "peace" and "nature". One of those guys who care about nothing but being "one with nature".

  • Well , post divorce , I will NOT be dating !! Single life = peace , quiet & far less stress.

    • Yea just make sure you don't take your failed relationship out on people who want to get married

    • There is no need to take the past out on anyone & I'm far too busy for that anyway !! My children will be first & foremost. I'm only on here for a bit of " downtime ". You have to admit that a man has to bring far more to the table just to be accepted for a mere date , let alone anything more. Bateman's Principle at work , the female is the chooser , I simply don't want more stress in my life , plus I don't have a great need for people in my life either.

    • Sounds like you are using excuses to not want to find anyone

  • Why was I right when I know the bad boy or asshole is not on the list? I guess they really are the best for women. I am no bad boy so I must be out of luck : (

  • ill agree that 2 & 7 are to be avoided. as for the rest, learn how to culture guys that are virgins/wall flowers instead of only hooking up with the drunk arrogant idiot town bicycle.

    "We have all heard the saying that birds of a feather flock together, meaning that the company you keep reflects your personality. A smart person surrounds himself with other smart people. If you hang out with trash, you will be perceived as trash."

  • Plot twist: There is no number 4.

    I knew it! Women want to avoid the "No Money Guy"s aka me, myself and I.

    But genuine love doesn't care. Genuine love does not exist for me.

  • Your mother should be a number one priority. I love my mom I don't listen to her or I'd be a doctor or have better life style choices. I wouldn't let her get between us but hey you gotta respect the mom. She brought me into this world.

  • these are stereotypes stereotypes are not to be taken seriously

    • There's a reason why something becomes a stereotype. Because to a degree, there's some truth to it.

    • key word 'some' that also means there's some false to it.

      black and white thinking - either, or everything phrased that way is amateur

      amateurs think in black or white

  • Bring me Peter Pan!

  • Juan Pablo Galavis in Picture One, lulz

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