What it feels like to be in love as an insecure girl


Ever eat something that was so disgusting it made your stomach turn inside out? Or that insane feeling when you swing just too high and it feels like you're gonna fall for sure? What about when you walk into a class where you're writing a test and you know you didn't study? Imagne feeling all of that at once... Plus some added benifits like

* Not sleeping

* Forgetting to eat

* Obsessing about the next time you see this person

* Feeling like your heart is trying to escape from your chest

But wait!! Thats not even as horrible as when he even mentions another girl... And even more horrible when he calls her hot! It feels your insides want to crawl out of your butthole.

You start to see this person as the most perfect thing ever created. Everything he does is just the best way its ever been done and everything he says must be true! You download music that you hate because he mentioned it once. He mentions he likes red and from now on thats all you wear... I even learned how to bake when a guy mentioned he likes cupcakes.

It feels like you are never going to even like anything in life more than this person. Its like he is a parasite that has taken over all brain functions. Every conversation you have is an oppertunity to mention him. You can see everyone hates you a little more when you go on and on but you can't stop.

Love sucks. Especially when you have no idea if this person even finds you remotely attractive..

My honest advise would be is to avoid this pain in your ass as long as you can. It will drain you in every way.

What it feels like to be inlove as an insecure girl

What it feels like to be in love as an insecure girl
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  • Azara
    I'd stop seeing him period once he mentioned another girl. If he was interested at least in a way that he'd gave to be interested in order to maintain my interest he wouldn't be talking about liking other women, just like if I'm into him I'm not going to talk about other guys.

    My interest would plummet once he did that. I certainly wouldn't see him as perfect. I dint think people who behave crudely can be seen as Angels. Objectively.

    I dint think love sucks I think games suck and not taking a risk sucks and not making an effort sucks and bit moving in when it's appropriate sucks and letting other oeople or your fears about other oeople keep you from doing what you need to do to make an informed decision sucks. I think control freaks suck. Love doesn't suck it's an awesome experience, if you don't let other people control you:)

    Humans have the ability to fall in love were lucky and as long as we respect ourselves I think it's a great opportunity. Invaluable)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • bobwallice
    It begins to be better when you stop looking to others for look and start looking to yourself. Learning to bake for another guy is great sure but immagine learning to bake because that's what you wanted to do.
    Try focusing more on finding yourself. You can do it!
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  • R3d_Anonymous
    You need to read this myTake I wrote: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a22231-scarcity-fundamental-setback-in-dating

    Insecure people like myself (I am in this position too as I say in myTake), are suffering from the problem of scarcity. That's our key problem that we need to overcome.
  • PublicEnemyNumber-1
    Exactly what did the rest of us secure people gain form this? Are we suppose to suddenly feel bad for the insecure girls and automatically realize that insecure girls are perfect? If that's the case, it did not work for me. Insecurity is your own fault, If you are insecure and in love with me, I would purposely turn you down. You need to man/woman-up.
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  • OpenWine
    Is that going to make you happy? Did you not think about making yourself happy cause that didn't come out of this take. It all just sounds like you are doing bad for your own, not like even trying to tell the guy you have feelings or what