Rejection sucks but you will make it through

Rejection sucks but you will make it through

I would like to start off and say that rejection sucks for both men and women. Sometimes some men and women can not handle rejection. Rejection sucks to me. Rejection sucks but you will make it through

I'm not writting this to give advice on what I think people should and shouldn't do. I really don't think there is an absolute perfect way to deal with rejection. This is just about my view of rejection and how it may make some men and women feel.

The first thoughts that may run through a guy or a girl's head is "is there something wrong with me?" "Why doesn't she like me?" "Why doesn't he like me?"

When a guy I liked did not go for me it hurt and I realized that I did not take rejection well. If he did not want a relationship I felt used or confused. I feel like I wasted my time and engergy.

Rejection sucks but you will make it through

Not only that but I was broken hearted and I invested myself to emotionally. It was so painful. I just want people to realize that I believe that men can feel as if they were used too.

Its important not to let anger of sadness get the best of us. I just want people to realize that just because someone we love or like a lot rejects us does not mean there is something wrong with us

We should just be a good sport and not react negatively and find ways to make ourselves happy instead of focusing on why that person rejected us.

I know sometimes we may feel like we want to repeat what happened in our head. Maybe you feel you could have done something differently but don't let it torment you.


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  • Good advice. I totally agree, rejection sucks but we all got through that and it's important not to make a whole drama about it, but just accept it as a part of life, just like all the other things that happen in life and we dislike.


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