Reasons why I think some people should not be hung up, when they get rejected

Ok so you like this guy or you like this girl, you talk to him or her and you find out that he or she is in a relationship. Maybe you feel like you really thought things clicked so you are disappointed.

Reasons why I think some people should not be hung up, when they get rejected

It's ok to feel disappointed or upset, you are human but these are reasons in my opinion, why I think some people should not let rejection get to them. Obviously, these are not the only reasons.

# 1. It's not the end of the world- things could always be worse. The person could have easily treated you like shit or go ghost on you and never talk to you again. Or you could have gotten into a relationship only to find out it's not what you really want.

# 2. It will not be first time you get rejected- believe it or not this will not be the first time you get rejected. It's going to happen again

# 3. You have rejected others too- keep in mind that you are not the only person who is getting rejected, at some point you were the person doing the rejecting. Not everyone you like romantically is going to like you the same way too.

# 4. That person is probably not thinking about you- as harsh as it sounds, it's not meant to be tough love but sometimes this is the truth. We often wonder if the person is thinking about us, when in reality they are most likely not. While you are hung up the hate living their life.

# 5. Distraction- you could be so hung up on this one person that rejected you that you could be missing signals from your insecurity from people who you like that actually like you. If you are still negative or bitter you may turn off that person without even realizing it.

In conclusion, whether it be unrequited love or something as simple as knowing that you liked them and they never asked you out, it can hurt either way. It makes us wonder why not me? Why doesn't she like me? Or why doesn't he like me? It's important that we remember the reality of dating and life. Both the good and the bad.


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  • Rejection is a part of life. It's going to happen to all of us at one point or another. That shoisknt stop us from going after what we want