9 possible ways to figure out if your man is full of shit


Before you read this I do realize that these signs can be seen as generalizations. Yes it does not always apply to every person's situation. I know this can go for women too but I don't date females lol and I am not saying that all men do this. (WARNING IT'S LONG)

1. He makes plans with no time frame

9 possible ways to figure out if your man is full of shit

He does not give you an exact time when he is going. The reason why he may do this is because let's say 2 weeks go by and he does not take you where he said he would. Well you can't accuse him of lying because he did not give you a time frame.

2. Everytime you talk about the future he either starts an argument or changes the subject

9 possible ways to figure out if your man is full of shit

3. He will always insist that you call him before you come to his house

He never feels he needs to call you but you always have to call him because he may have another woman over or he got something else going on

4. You don't know anyone that he knows and he don't want to meet your friends or family

For example if you have been dating him for 1-3 years and you haven't met any of his friends. If you ask him he'll make an excuse not to meet anyone you know. He refuses.

5. He never disagrees with you on any major topic

I know this one sounds weird. If he never disagrees it's not because you are always right, it's because he does not care. You are not his future. He wants to keep things as mellow as possible.

6. He disappears for days at a time and comes back with a lame excuse

He does not contact you and he does not ask about you.

7. He always "loses his phone"

9 possible ways to figure out if your man is full of shit

Everytime he is away from you he says he lost his phone. Every single time his excuse his he missed your call, it was on vibrate. He magically gets his phone back every time he's around you

8. He's still good friends with all of his exes

Most people would see this as a good thing. If he's cool with all his exes there is a chance he still wants sex with them or is still having sex with them. There is nothing wrong with being cool with an ex but usually it's like you see your ex and say bye and move on. They can say nice to meet you. Pretty much words he don't really mean and he don't really don't care if he don't see them again. If he's hanging out with his exes that's not the same thing that means he still trying to pursue something.

9. He never leaves his phone or any personal items where you can possibly get ahold of them

He goes out of his way to put items where you can't get ahold of them. It's a problem for him to say "hey baby can you get my phone"

9 possible ways to figure out if your man is full of shit
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  • PrincessTashaaaa
    Excellent Take. And it's a good one for men to use to see if their woman's full of it, too!
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  • Tarvold
    Meh... there's only 1 true way to know - attack him at his weakest.

    Here's how.

    1.) Give him the best sex of his life.
    2.) Immediately after that, give him even better sex than #1.
    3.) Repeat 1 and 2 as necessary.
    4.) As he's laying there, breathless and soaked in sweat, this is when his defenses are at it's weakest. Interrogate him then.
    5.) Dump his ass because he's just told you things you didn't want to hear.
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    • Why would a girl want to give him good sex for if she already has a feeling he is doing her wrong? The sex part only benefits the guy because guys like sex

    • Tarvold

      Because he deserves to be assumed innocent until proven guilty.

      And fucking him well is a great way to test if he's guilty.

  • OrangeBoy
    So... i just need 1 of those to be a piece of shit?
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  • PinkFG
    Ahahaha this whole thing just made me laugh.
    Check, check, check. What a bullshitter
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  • bustas
    Number 2. Depend on situation , if i date a woman who just got divorced , i wouldn't talk to her about that for sure
  • RedThread
    Damn I've done 1, 3, 5, and 9.

    I've never cheated or anything remotely close to it though lol :p
    • It doesn't necessarily mean the guy is a Cheater

    • RedThread

      Oh just a liar? What would he lie about?

    • A liar, a cheater, a mooch, a user

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