10 Signs Your Man Is No Good

I wrote an article of past experiences of my own and observing past experiences of my friends. Don't put up with any of this behavior, for you’re only wasting your time.

This is 10 signs your "man" is no good.

1.He talks about his "crazy ex(es)"
Maybe she did lose control of her temper one... or two times. But what set off her temper is more important. Calling the ex "crazy" is code for "I messed up but I'm going to blame her." Was it because he was talking to some other chick while he was still with her? Perhaps. Or maybe he did ignore her? I could go down the entire asshole list of things guys do after they "wow" her but my point is if he is talking about a crazy ex you best believe that one day you will be the "crazy ex." USE WITH CAUTION.
2.He texts you after 8 PM to "see what you're doing"
Guess what ladies? Plan A fell thru and you’re the second plan or third. It's not lady like to go with last minute plans. You don't want to follow with plan B because then you make it clear to him that you have no life and you would drop all your plans to see him because you're a door mat!
It’s understandable if he texts after a plan fell thru every once and awhile, for example: "bros night out was canceled." But never drop your plans anyway! You have great plans that you do not want to miss! Even if it’s just a movie night with Ashley. Use your common sense on this one... A gentleman who wants to spend time with you will make plans with you prior to that night to make sure you are available to spend time with him. Get it?
A gentleman will make plans with you prior to that night to make sure that you are available.
3.He texts you after 10 PM
He got drunk with the guys and or the other girls... didn't meet or score with anybody. Now he is planning on a lonely night at the crib by himself. No, wait! There's you, the "booty call." It's not like you're a sleep, early because of all the awesome things you have planned for the following day. My advice on this one is to not respond to him ever again... unless you need yours too. Easier said then done. But never be a 2 o’clock girl!
4.Speaking of texting... he never calls you
He is clearly insecure and or is lazy. He’s not about impressing you either. Calling you would use energy to act like he’s interested in anything you have to say and let’s face it.... that would just be exhausting. Is my statement clear?
5.Friends? What friends? You've never met his friends
Okay, some guys aren’t comfortable bringing a girl around their friends at first. They may be afraid you might get too close to them too soon before he knows your a good catch and sometimes they might be afraid you might start liking one of their buddies. These are all understandable excuses.
But after 6 weeks and you haven’t met any of his friends its probably because he’s hiding something whether it be another girl or his true colors because let's face it, our true colors come out when we are with the people we are most comfortable around (our friends.) Even worst, you may embarrass him. A gentleman who is interested in you will want to show you off and wants to introduce his friends to you. And trust me, they will ask their friends what they "thought of you."
Gogus olculeri

He is clearly insecure and or is lazy. He’s not about impressing you either.

6.He brags about being a "ladies man" and or he claims that he’s "trouble."
There are A LOT of men who are dumb enough to bluntly tell you, loudly that they're an asshole. And there are A LOT of stupid women who ignore it. Listen to these words. There is a little truth to all our jokes.
7.You don't feel good enough for him or your gut instinct is telling you otherwise
Whether it’s because of his huge ego or that you have some serious insecurity problems... who wants to feel like that? Trust me; you'd be happier with out that/him. Listen to your gut. It's like when you have that friend who finds out her boyfriend was cheating on her and she tells you she knew it all along because something inside was telling her. Well, there’s your answer.
8.He is always texting someone or stepping out of the room to talk
Firstly, it’s rude. When you're on a date with someone and even if it’s a non-formal date, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Who wants to be with someone who has bad manners and is even rude enough to text while you're trying to have a conversation? Give him a piece of your mind and then get the hell out of there. Oh but don't worry what he thinks of you, you're soooo over him.
"When you're on a date with someone, even if it's a non-formal date, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY."
9.He disrespects his mother
A man's mother SHOULD be important, if not THE MOST important woman in his life, whether you want to call him a mommas boy or not. Doesn't matter. If he can't even respect his own mother, his own flesh and blood; then how the hell could you even consider him to treat you right? Answer: He won’t.
10.He often talks about his ex, the one who got away, 3 weeks ago (The great white buffalo)
Don't be fooled to think he’s over her and hasn't texted her 3 times in a 30 min interval everyday prior to meeting you. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little but any man who isn't or hasn't had a near past girlfriend isn’t going to want to talk about it that much because it’s not important to him anymore. It sucks being a rebound, which is why you need to look out for this. You don't want to run the risk of him leaving you because the Misses decided to give him another shot.
10 Signs Your Man Is No Good
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Jonny_
    2, 3 and 4? The first two are abit close minded, maybe he actually wants to know how you are, and maybe he does just miss you... Just because he doesn't say it earlier in the day doesn't change a thing. Men don't just turn sexual after 8. As for the fourth one, I rarely text my girlfriend, I'd prefer to meet up with her, even phoning is too cliched and impersonal for me. I don't see why I should be labelled. The rest are spot on, tho' 5 is in the air, some people are embarassed by their friends.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lafeeverte
    I think the reason most guys are hating on this article is because they haven't had to deal with these types of men like we have. you may think "oh I'm not like that, so the article is wrong!" but there are plenty of men who ARE like that, and unfortunately they're the majority. in retrospect, I can see that all of these points are true. right now I'm dealing with #10 and it was a slap in the face to read it but it makes so much sense.
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  • sedstar
    You have a future, a good one at that, writing those "15 reasons why men are slugs" articles for womens magazines. Let me brush the surface in 350 characters, LMAO. #1? Some women are actually clinically insane and on medication! Your new guy got divorced because he got tired of getting hit with frying pans, and you claim its MORE important "what he must have done" to MAKE her do it? Ha! I hate to say it... YOU are going to be the "crazy ex" the guy and his new girl make fun of, LMAO.
  • beanfishy86
    I just wanted to say... I agree. My "ex" called all his exes crazy. We moved in together and he would call mr crazy all the time. He'd smash my head against the cupboard ... Fridge... Floor.. And hr would choke me out if I got upset that he was cheating. I don't raise my voice I'm a quiet person. But he would always smash talk me.

    So saying a chick is crazy. Take into consideration the guy who says this to cover up his abusive tendencies
  • IrishMetal
    I would just like to tell you that 2, 3, 4, and 9 are false, I text girls after 8 or 10 and its not because I had previous plans or was drunk, and I text them because in the past I always seem to call at a bad time and they are never able to talk so I text them and if they want to talk they can, and everyone disrespects their parents wether or not they know it, I also notice that you just said his mother, not his father, and I know why, because you are a girl that is sexist against guys.
  • driven
    I would not be too hasty to judge a guy with these points exclusively... maybe he just wants to talk to you... and it happens to be after 8 pm... or 10 pm. There could be several reasons why he is contacting you at this time... none of which may be a booty call. Every situation is different... every guy is different.
  • superdudeman
    I had to laugh at how wrong number 7 was. He's too good for me... so I have to dump him. whatever.

    if he's with you, he's not to good for you, or he'd dump you.

    Suddenly you're the expert on whether or not your boyfriend likes you?

    Let him make that decision.

    If every woman suddenly dumped men because of their insecurity, wed all go extinct.

  • xremz1217
    Awful article. I hate articles like these. They are all full of bull. This is really just a typical "Opposite sex is weird/bad when it comes to dating/relationships". This article is pretty much about the bad guys you've been with, and you're generalizing those guys with every guy.
  • Confused614
    Being the fact you are a woman saying what makes a man no good you clearly juts went off your past experiences. Some of these might have a slim amount of truth to them. But most don't. I was going to type my own opinion on this. But saw a comment that fits my opinion perfectly.

    By MySpacemybroke read is comment and you will have my opinion.

  • myspacemybroke
    "I'm smart. The end" Code for "I'm a sexist little snot whose gone for the asshole 1 too many times."

    For a small amount of your article I see your point, but for the most part it's basically telling girls to assume the absolute worst about a guy. Honestly we're not perfect (and neither are you), but you make it out like we're out to use the entire female gender. Pretty damn lame in my eyes.
  • Christian_Love
    I can't disagree with 9 more than I already am, you don't know anything about someone elses mother. What is they've had to endure constant ridicule and torment from her with almost little or no praise at all? Sometimes people just can't help but dislike a parent or two.
  • solidranger
    No offense, but most of this is incredibly crass and just mean spirited.

    It may be hard to believe, but there ARE such things as crazy exes. You place all the blame on the guy as if it's impossible for a female to be crazy. Tell that to my dog who was thrown off a bridge by my crazy ex after I dumped her. I didn't NOTHING to bring that one myself and my dog sure as f*** didn't deserve it.

    And talking on the phone is just not interesting to us, that goes for MOST guys.

    Deal with it.
  • Secretgirl
    Who said I ignored them? And who said all of these happen to me. Did anyone read my first statement?

    But I guess I should be blamed for their actions? Since I won't put up with sh*t? Okay, I'm looking for someone I?m happy with and yeah these actions don?t please me so ?peace.? Its that simple.

    Girls should be blamed!

  • Xenophobia
    It might be great advice....but take it from a genuine guy like me.........YOU need to take some advice, too. You were the one who ignored all these signs in the first place and fell for sweet talking guys that didn't have anything going for them.

    You can't blame guys........girls need to understand to think with common sense instead letting there emotions manipulate there decisions with guys. So you are kind of at fault for falling for these guys, too. Both parties are ignorant....
  • lovethislassy
    Man where was this 4 weeks ago...did not see this back then or I could have avoided a "no good" guy that just broke my heart. He is about 6 of the things on list. Geez...well this helps me to not be sad anymore and just chalk it up to he did me a favor by flaking off on me. Good Riddens!!
  • Secretgirl
    Any smart woman knows this advice is great advice. And no .. this doesn?t make me crazy, it makes me strong and smart enough to not put up with any bullsh*t.

    And just in case you were wondering . I have an awesome man in my life because I learned not to waste my time on behavior like above.
  • Secretgirl
    If my article doesn?t make sense and doesn?t have great advice in it, then how come the people that run ?girlsaskguys? featured my article? I mean, because apparently I don?t know what I?m talking about ., right?

    Martyfellow, I know you are ?secretly? obsessed over me since you always have some spiteful comment to make in anything I write on this site. But please get a job, screw your wife and stalk someone else because you sound dumb and you sound like you?re hurt by this article.

    Any smart
  • martyfellow
    I wonder if you couldn't balance this with an article on some good things.

    And remember some guys are wired in a way that they will always contact you late in the evening..it doesn't mean they've been talking to other women or anything like that. There's an 'innocent' explanation for most of these 'bad' signs. For example, he might have business calls and wants to keep the other person's privacy, so her steps out....
  • harajukubarbie101
    Umm..well since 95% of the people are dumb why are you even on 'girlsaskguys.com' people come on the site to ask questions not be judgmental.You just sound like a girl who has a lot of guy issues that she needs to deal with on a more private level and with a psychiatrist sweetie.
  • Argos
    If one of these is present does that put a black mark on the man? There are always exceptions to the rules and is a guideline ladies. This is very well written and thought through, but usually the top 10 lists means you cut some good ones out, or threw some bad ones in to make a list the even 10. All girls can learn from this list is respect yourself and a man will respect you (if he doesn't why is he in your life) and don't let emotions get in the way (good luck with that one women)
  • Xenophobia
    I think an attractive girl like you needs to meet a guy that's going to treat you right. It seems as if you have had so much experience with bad apples....that your perspective on guys has crossed over to the cynical level. If you ever want to meet a good guy, please don't complain to him and be cynicial. cause that will scare him away.
  • Christina007
    I had the insecurity of feeling that I wasn't good enough for him. I had always seen him with someone else in my mind and never felt that I was the one for him, even though I loved him deeply. He is now my ex and he is seeing someone else and my heart is broken. Even though we are friends, he just ignores stuff I say when we chat online. I respect his space but feel so unloved and unwanted when I see how happy and great his life is and mine is crappy cos he is not with me :'(
  • eldamien
    In regards to 8, girls are far more notorious for this than guys are. Plus, get with the millenium, sweetie. People text and message people all the time. It's part of life now.

    But I'm out of here, becuase I'm so over this "article".
  • Jon364
    #10 is a no brainer.

    #8 is really petty. Princess.

    #1 is true but it goes both ways. Maybe she WAS crazy? Are you on good terms with any of your ex's? Probably not, by the sounds of #8. Agree that talking about them is never a good idea. But I just read one of the girls say in another question, that guys have to put up with hearing about ex's. LOL

    The good thing about these lists is that they go both ways. Women are as guilty as some of these as men are.
  • christina_d
    I like the mommas boy part. and the texting part. my man is always signing me up for plans with him and his boys without telling me, and then he's irritated when I'm like "what?!", he's always texting somebody when were out or hanging out alone, and he treats his mom like sh*t. granted she's a pain in the ass but still no one should treat their mom like that
  • Irrelevance
    The interesting thing about this article is that the titles are completely wrong but the points at the end explaining hold some truth. 1 is an exception; if you're saying girls aren't capable of being crazy, you're crazy yourself.
  • Kaylife
    Good job....i went on a date with a guy and all he talked about was his ex who had a temper and how he hope he didn't see her at the mall because its her favorite one....n he called he crazy but he never told me y she deleted him and ignored him...
  • iamallstar
    Some thing else to add:

    Men: this is the kind of narcissistic man-hater you want to avoid. They are increasing more common these days than ever before, its a shame.
  • iamallstar
    This article was written by another man-hater, obviously.

    Men- there is no reasoning with them. Just be like me, and point/laugh whenever necessary. Like now.
  • dwine
    It sounds like you've had a ton of experience with 'no good.' I espcially like the crazy ex part. If the ex was really crazy he wouldn't bring her up at first, or maybe ever, unless she was stalking him or something like that.
  • superdudeman
    No woman who loves men would ever post something like this. Its obvious she's bitter and probably lonely with 20 cats. She's probably fat and ugly.

  • Bleep
    I once texted a girl around 10 pm, I was taking a break from studying and was thinking about her. :(

    I'm no good now. :(
  • yeths
    You wrote a good thought provoking article, I noticed a lot of the men didn't like it though..lol! very good!
  • Secretgirl
    I don't mean in like that, smart ass. and I'm talking in the "dating world" not the "relationship world."
  • harajukubarbie101
    Well then.. That was a very interesting IM that you sent me!! Thanx for the compliment!! Love you 2 snookie-The Situation-XOXO
  • NotSoBad
    This should be titled "10 things I don't want in a man",

    I can tell you one thing I don't want in a woman Narcissism.
  • meesh1220
    Awesome! Thank you for posting! I'm going to print this out and go back to it every now and then..this will surely help save my heart! =)
  • Faemow
    Some points I can concur with but the ones about toting sounds farfetched. I have a life after work I.e. Gym, and I'm not gonna stand by my phone, eagerly anticipating her to text me. We both have lives, and I don't expect us to be talking daily either. We trust each other, so I don't feel insecure with her. When we get the chance, mostly on the weekends, I try and spend time with her.

    Point 11: if he can't look you in the eyes while having a serious talk, move on.
  • DG_July10th
    Okay. you described half of the guys I dated plus my recent ex!
  • superdudeman
    This also makes me think that she's never had a boyfriend. She's bitter and hates men.

  • GIntrovert
    I text my girlfriend after 10pm... to say good night.. :(

    OH NO I MUST BE "NO GOOD".. lol..
  • Secretgirl
    I love all these hatin' comments! keep em coming bitches!
  • here4you
    Nice article

    I'm going to show this to my friend whose talking to a guy whose like this

  • TXGirlie
    Why could I not have read this 10 months ago before my ex started the whole texting and leaving the room for the phone calls, saying he's a hard man to love and he's trouble...?? Very good advice!
  • MissSariie
    I like this. A lot. Thank you.

    I've had the whole crazy ex thing go on.. Pain in the ass!!!
  • superdudeman
    I got the best sign: If he's going out with YOU.

  • Secretgirl
  • greeneyedgal1
    Fabulous article! I found many points to be true!
  • lost-angel
    I like this. Especially, 2,3,and 7.
  • Secretgirl
    Thank..... you? ^
  • oceanavenue
    Good job :) good article.
  • JaYce_Luff
    Nice..well said..^-^