All my girls (and even guys) out there shouldn't be afraid to express themselves...


I know there's always that one person that you just can't get your mind off of and you feel like you would go to such great lengths to show your affections and assure that they feel the same way, but it's really not as difficult as that :)

The thing is is that not every person is going to find you attractive. Some people just straight up will not be attracted to you, but there's nothing you can really do about it you know? All you can do is continue to be their friend and appreciate that they are there for you.

Probably around 70% of the people that DO find you attractive, you don't feel the same way towards them. All I can say is that you should use that for the positives. If any of you reading this are anything like me and you think you're all alone and you'll never be loved by anyone, never going to get married, and destined to be a lonely cat lady or something (I'm allergic to cats :P ), use those people you don't like to give yourself a bit of confidence because they do, in fact, like you, even though you may not feel the same. Generally the people in this category are simply "friends" and nothing more, so they have seen you for yourself and appreciate you for you, so what makes you think that you won't find someone you DO have feelings for think the same thing?

Now I know you all probably think I'm a huge hypocrite for saying all of this based on the thing about being a lonely cat lady, but I'm getting to that. I've truly started to embrace me for me and I've found SO many more friends that way. And these aren't just school friends, they're people I can rely on when I'm having a hard time. And back to loving yourself, it may sound like a cliche but someone will absolutely love that you love yourself and just add that to their list of things they adore about you.


I heard a story today about a girl that got in a huge car wreck and her face got terribly messed up so it all had to be reconstructed. She had a boyfriend at that time, but once she got in the wreck, he wanted nothing to do with her at all. But then.....a boy she was friends with for a while took care of her, and he loved her, and guessed it. They got married. Because he loved her for herself, even though she had a new, maybe not so attractive face.

Because marriage (or even dating) isn't about finding someone who's attractive, or popular, or an athlete, it's about finding someone you want to care for and be there for for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

So girls, spare yourselves the pain of going after jerks or players because they're only acting like boys who will use you to get what they want, but it's a man who would never want to hurt you (even if you eventually break up) and he'll love you for being YOU and nobody else ("Be yourself because everyone else is already taken." "Originals are much more valuable than a copy.").

And guys, if you find someone you care for, you have to be that man for her.

But neither you guys or girls should change yourself for ANYBODY because then people will only fall in love for you for who you're not. Society wants to make us think we should look and act like celebrities to be beautiful, but if we all act like that we're just imitating copies aren't we? We're all going to look in the mirror and think we're not good enough but in reality, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder right? The only flaws we have are the ones we imagine

All my girls (and even guys) out there shouldn't be afraid to express themselves...

Thanks so much if you read this far ;)

I hope you got something out of this!

I'm out! <3 <3 :) :)

(If you want to talk you can simply message me ;) <3)

All my girls (and even guys) out there shouldn't be afraid to express themselves...
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    Wonderful writing. Really loved it :)
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