Why are all the good guys taken?

Why are all the good guys taken?

Although I'm taking a long break from dating and I am no expert in dating since I have been in short term relationships I would like to express my views and opinions on this commonly asked question I use to ask myself and I think some women have asked themselves.

I will try to make it as short as possible.

I use to think that all the good guys were taken, but I would look at a guy and assume he was because I would base my self worth on a guy. I would assume things and I think it made me feel as if I deserved a guy who was not good and single.Why are all the good guys taken?

This is not a testimony but a thought process on this question. Also this is not a rant. I would look at really attractive men and think "oh he must be taken!" Then I realized it was really all in my head. Taken or not I learned not to base my self worth on a guy and not to impress a guy and bend over backwards for a guy.

I learned not to waste my time on men who do not care about me just because I felt I did not deserve better. From now on I learn to focus on myself and my happiness.

I was so busy worrying about if a guy was taken that I did not focus on what I wanted in a guy. Any guy can put up a front and be good but I realized once I got to know some guys they turned out to be assholes.

And yes assholes can be unattractive and attractive. I realized that if a guy is taken I don't feel too bad because I don't know him well so what is there to want about a guy I don't know if I'm basing it only on his appearance?


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  • It's like when guys complain about where all the good women have gone. The answer is they are all around those guys but they don't want to date a whiny self entitled prick. The same applies to the girls that ask the question about where all the good men are. Asking this question is like the ultimate "good men" repellent.


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