My top date ideas

Hey all! So a lot of guys struggle for date ideas so I thought I would share my top 10 date ideas...

10) The Cinema

My top date ideas...

I am not gonna lie, I love the cinema, BUT it seems to be an open invitation for guys to try and fool around in the dark and that is often not the impresssion I want to give. Knowing not all guys are like that has meant some cinema dates have been great, just not the ones where I have felt like I am being ambushed down a dark alley!

9) Go Karting

I love anything fun and competitive... I am a better driver than my boyfriend and more gusty so I imagine I would win fairly easily at this :)

8 ) Attending a sporting event

I love this because it can be fun, but also because you get to see your guy for who he really is... Is he passionate? Does he want to teach you about the sport? Is he losing his temper when his team get beat?

7) Drinks

This all depends on the guy. If he is busy then I will make an exception and maybe meet him in the city for a drink after he finishes work or between meetings. As long as it is a quiet location I find it can be a nice way to keep in touch until you get a full date in! This should never be more than a way to keep in touch though and it should NEVER end up at a nightclub.

6) Ice Skating

I can skate and I am lucky... I love going skating with guys, if nothing else to teach them or to have a bit of fun on the ice... Its a good excuse to hold hands and a warm and cosy hot chocolate at the cafe is always good too!

5) Mini Golf

I think mini golf is a load of fun, this is obviously more of a summer date or if there is an indoor course... You can find out if he minds that you could beat him... would he let you win? Maybe he will teach you if you are terrible at it! ;)

4) Dinner

I always think dinner is what you make it. A guy can pull out his intentions from the start. I have had some amazing dinner dates and some truly awful ones which resulted in a guy asking me to meet him at a really nice restaurant and then saying I could pay, he had ordered the most expensive thing on the menu, drank a bottle of wine to himself and then asked if I would like to go back to his place. HELL NO.

I have however also had some lovely dates, if you really like her, take her somewhere nice. The effort is worth it!

3) A Show

I think a show is something amazing... it is difficult to dislike and you get to share a really good experience!

2) Something Educational

I think somewhere like a museum or a gallery is good.... I would say somewhere like a zoo but I do not agree with captivity. Some educational things can be fun though!!!

1) Walking

I like the idea of walking at any time of year, in the summer its nice and warm and gets the edorphins pumping automatically, in autumn the trees are truly beautiful and in winter its nice to have a walk and find an old pub with an open fire to put your feet up with a warm drink... spring there is that new life feeling that is amazing...

For me these are the best ideas and my favourites over time... yeah there have been others! Why not tell me your's?

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  • Here are some of my favorites:

    1. museums
    2. walking tour
    3. food tour
    4. art galleries
    5. street festival
    6. farmers market
    7. a theme crawl (doesn't need to be a pub crawl either: cookies, cupcakes, dim sum, ice cream
    8. tasting: food, wine, beer, booze
    9. stroll around an interesting neighborhood: book store or music store or consignment store stops encouraged


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What Guys Said 19

  • I went on an ice skating date once with a girl who I later found out was really good at ice skating. She pretended to be awful so that she had an excuse to lean against me while we skated.

  • Finally, a REALISTIC list of date ideas. All these ever seem to be is sky diving and axe throwing and building sculptures out of kale... these are things that real people actually do!

    *thumbs up*

  • Not so sure about the movies for a first date.

    1) If you hate the movie, you're still obligated to sit there, unless you both hate it that much. Plus, that can eat up a good chunk of $20-50 depending on food, and ticket costs.

    2) You're in a dark theater with someone that it's socially awkward to get away from if you don't like them.

    3) You're probably not talking to each other; at the end of the two hours, you've found out very little about this person (unless you go out afterward).

    Most of these though, I would agree with, though. Just my 2 cents.

    • It depends... I have done the movies but where I live the cinema is in a huge mall so we usually hang out a bit first and have a wander around the mall or a coffee and a chat first. Plus the cinema is good for someone if you know them well first... not all dates are people who dont know each other well :)

  • I like them and agree with you that walking is the best one since you can do it after whatever date you had planned. If you can't even comfortably walk together it's definitely not going to work out. As a first date though, I think that nothing beats dinner and walking.
    I think movie dates should only be attended once you two already know it's going well since you can't talk much during the movie OR if you're doing it at someone's house so you can cuddle and drink wine while watching.
    While I LOVE gokarting, it's the same thing with movies, it should be done later down the line since it doesn't give much of a chance for socialising with one another.
    I also think shopping is a good date idea, you find out each other's interests just by walking around the mall but again this is only a good date once you're passed the initial get to know you stage.

  • Great ideas, cool Take :D

  • 1|0
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Museums and hikes are great dates!

  • So no Netflix & Chill?

    Great myTake by the way :)

  • I took my last girlfriend ice skating. She was enjoying herself and asked me to go get her camera out of her bag and take photos of her.

    While I was gone she fell over and broke her arm.
    In her irrational female rage, she decided it was my fault for letting her skate alone and she broke up with me

  • Thanks for sharing. Walking is great. I never thought that could be a date activity.

  • Wow, this will certainly be useful--if I ask YOU out.

    • or if you take a look at the comments from other girls and see what they say!

  • All brilliant dates, but some are better at the start of the relationship than others, while others are best done when you're already in something more established.

    • you should date throughout your relationship, even when you are married :)

    • Agreed. All of the dates that work well early on, also work later. But some dates I find are great once you're established but are less good early on.

  • Agree with everything but would say Cinema is a bad first date idea, you wanna get to know your date, you can't do that sat in darkness in a cinema

    I'd also like to add a few onto that list

    - Bowling
    - Rock Climbing
    - Social Dancing

  • Hasn't there been a miilion myTakes on this already? All with pretty much the same ideas?

  • Lol I would date any girl who calls it "The Cinema" just for those moments of her referring to it that way

  • I'm going to challenge this.

    The Cinema = I don't like the movies because modern movies are horrible.
    Go Karting = waste of money. Just stay home and play mario Kart.
    Attending a sporting event = Sports are boring
    Drinks = Waste of money. Can drink a pepsi at home for free.
    Ice Skating = The cold can make you sick.
    Mini Golf = Boring
    Dinner = Waste of money. I have TV dinners at home
    A Show = Can be watched on TV
    Something Educational = Show her the internet
    Walking = Why would I want to walk?

    • lol pessimistic much? I think you may be single for a while with this outlook!

      What is your perfect date then?

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    • they are fattening and completely disgusting...

      And art is about brush strokes and colours you can only view in person. Does that mean you DO have a dinosaur skeleton?

    • I really hope you're trolling for your own sake...

  • 10) 4) and 3) Are things I would avoid on first dates.

    Otherwise all of them are great for further down the relationship.

  • -Cinema, no chance for conversation.
    -Go carts, no chance for conversation unless you're in the same car.
    -Sporting event, almost like the cinema but louder, no chance for conversation.
    -Dinner, talking while chewing is usually seen as bad taste, again, little to no chance of conversation.
    -A show, just like the cinema and the sporting event, loud with little to no chance of conversation.

    • add to that the fact that cinema, sporting events, a show and go carts, your attention will be focused on something else rather than your date.

  • Bingo, you can go play Bingo


What Girls Said 6

  • awwwww that's a great take

  • I like your ideas :)

  • I am very competitive so I think he would see a very bad side of me if we go go kart racing lol

    Also sports, I would shout obnoxiously.

    • yeah but thats just who you are so he would find out eventually :)

  • Really good ideas. I like the evergreen idea of walking <3 Perfect for any weather except rains.

  • These are some great ideas. I've also been taken bowling which is a lot of fun.

    • I knocked this one off recently as my boyfriend hates it when I win :)

  • Mini golf was kinda boring for me. My favorite is going to this trampoline place.