First Date Hotspots


You'd think that a fancy restaurant, night club, or bar would be the most popular choice for a first date; however, Starbucks seems to top the list here in Canada.

First Date Hotspots

Turns out that the big franchise companies such as Timmy's, Boston Pizza, The Keg, etc. are quite popular - with the reason likely being multiple locations and a more casual, laid-back ambiance.

It was also noted that men are more willing to commit to a full dinner on a first date, whereas women preferred a coffee meet-up prior to a formal sit-down.

Generally, the aim of a first date is to be casual, but not too spontaneous (or careless-seeming). You should be comfortable enough to relax and chat, and avoid overly complex schedules...

Here are a couple possible ideas:

  • Coffee or tea (back to basics)
  • Bowling (food and something to do to pass time)
  • Dinner (avoid super-fancy restaurants, unless you do want to set the bar that high!)
  • Theme parks/carnivals (if you're both interested, of course)
  • Local bands (similar music taste? why not!)
  • Class (one that matches both your hobbies... eg. cooking, dancing, etc.)

First Date Hotspots

What do you guys prefer for a first date?

First Date Hotspots
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Most Helpful Girl

  • iamshelly
    I think picnics are super cute. He doesn't even have to cook, we can just go pick up some KFC or something and eat it on top of a hill or under a pretty tree. Stargazing is also awesome, and a perfect chance to cuddle :)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Prof_Don
    Red Lobster for a first date? I'm not throwing down that type of cash meeting a girl for the first time!
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    • lovelina14

      LMFAOO this comment made my day 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • sketchy
    My first date in Canada was roller-blading around the seawall in Stanley Park, Vancouver, followed by dinner at a seafood restaurant (I was only there a year, and only dated one girl in that time). I literally still have the scars (turns out I was not a natural), but it was fun nonetheless...
  • JustinTheGreat
    Going to a theme park or carnival has always been my dream date. If someone took me to one and I didn't even have to tell them, then I will love him forever and I'll marry him. I just want to go on a Ferris wheel with someone and hold hands and cuddle on it, ITS SO CUTE ASDFGHJKL
  • oddwaffle
    Tim Hortons lost to the Starbucks? What did they do to my double double? Meh, it's the new age, so indie coffee is a lot better for 1st date.

    I'd throw down the cash for The Keg and Red Lobsters if she wants it. Probably a little more at her request if she's hot. Most likely, I'd prefer something more relaxing though.

    The data isn't really accurate though because people spread all over the place. Popular local places are not shown because they only have some people going while chain stores have multiple locations and those adds up. For example, my local small indie coffee can get as many as 200 couples (not customers) a day because it's cosy and romantic enough but it can not beat a chain store with 100s of locations even though each of them only get 3-4 couples a day.
    • sherbearee

      Yeah I definitely agree with you.
      Depends on season too... for example, there's a homemade icecream parlour here that only opens june-sept... And it beats everything else during the summer

  • Hezigrimm
    I like how no one is mentioning that McDonald's is on this list. Like seriously? Who would be like that. I mean come on a fast food joint. Just seems quite distasteful to me. Anyways my first dates will and forever will be getting a cup of coffee. Easier to talk that way.
    • My boyfriend and I got coffee and ice cream cones there... It wasn't technically a date, but that was the day I fell for him. Honestly, it's the simple things: enjoying a nice conversation over a cup of coffee. Isn't that what dates are about? Connecting?

    • McDonald's might not have the best ambiance, but it gave us what we needed: a place to just be ourselves. Sometimes casual locations allow that more than anything.

    • Hezigrimm

      @XtraJordanary That's true. Shouldn't have been so judgmental of a place so quickly.

  • the_rake
    haha starbucks for me is number one also.

    stop a girl on the street, quick coffee, quick chat and if you don't like each other... moving swiftly along!

    I should try bowling some time all the same though.
  • BruceJender
    Fuck me, STARBUCKS?

    I thought Nandos on a first date was bad...
  • Go out, have a drink, take a walk or something, what's romantic about a fucking Starbucks
  • Anonymous
    Canada, or Raqqa. Six of one, half dozen of the other.