Choosing the Right Girl


This is mainly for younger guys on here who are more interested in getting the sexiest and/or prettiest girl that they can get. Whether it be casual or very serious, here are five checklist qualities that if the girl you're talking to has--you should consider taking seriously becuase doing so can make relationships which are filled with stress jealousy and anxiety into peace trust hope and happiness.


Choosing the Right Girl

Honesty is big because communication is big. It doesn't matter if you have good intentions or if you actually do care if you don't show/communicate it. By her being honest, you always know where she stands and even if it's not where you want it to be you'll come to appreciate that she lets you know clearly instead of the many guessing games you'll have to play as you attempt relationships with women throughout your life.

Emotional Bravery

Choosing the Right Girl

Not sure how important physical bravery is for a girl, but a girl who isn't emotionally brave will pull away from you at critical moments in your relationship. This is where you can actually be punished for doing nothing wrong and in fact her thinking you could be the one might fill her with such nerves that she's so petrified of that she may fly from you because she's just not brave enough to potentially get hurt. While we all feel for these girls, you are lucky if you find one who doesn't live a life of avoidance and subsequent lonliness enough to take a leap with you. Not as common as you'd think.


Choosing the Right Girl

A girl who was raised well by her parents is generally someone you can trust because they are bound by their moral and ethical values not to be so much of a jerk to you. Certain behavior is considered so against how she views herself and her own moral standard that her class actually prevents her from acting on pure instinct--something a girl who wasn't raised very well isn't always inclined to do.

Independent Thinker

Choosing the Right Girl

I think this will backfire as she will always choose to disagree with you if only to prove that she can. But consider the fact that a girl who doesn't like to think for herself will always be subject to the opinions of her friends who could dislike you for any number of reasons out of your control. This goes doubly for parents and other familial relationships. Let's say your girlfriend's sister has trust issues and so when you forget to call because your boss is yelling at you she tells your girlfriend you're cheating and that she needs a better boyfriend and your girlfriend listens. You don't want nor need htat.


Choosing the Right Girl

Ah, the one that brough Chris Brown back to the head of hip hop. Loyalty is the cliche value for either gender but it can't be ignored because someone who is loyal in this day and age where it is so incredibly easy to cheat and have a multitude of relationships that all don't know of each other, a person who is completly loyal and never thinks to stray even if you are in a fight is the gem to hold onto. Luckly for you, most guys are fighting over the girl with the best ass instead of the girl who is the most loyal. You should opt for the latter.

To end, it's important to be sexually attracted and satisfied, but these five things are choices you make in terms of the girls you accept into that part of your life because you really and truly want to be happy in the long term not just the short.

Choosing the Right Girl
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Most Helpful Girl

  • xHoneyxBeex
    Great take!

    I think this could also go both ways as these are traits I would look for in a man as well. I like what you said, "... a person who is completly loyal and never thinks to stray even if you are in a fight is the gem to hold onto." This is very true. I think it can be difficult to find someone who is truly 100% loyal, even when going through rough patches in the relationship. So, this is something I really value. I also hold myself to the same standards as I hold a man in my life. I expect honesty and loyalty so I always make sure to be honest and loyal myself in my relationships.
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    • lonerider

      Yep.. half of the things would go and SHOULD go both the ways

    • Azara


Most Helpful Guy

  • heavensgift2girls
    I love your list. Now if you can just tell me where to find such a woman, I have a ring to pick out. lol

    Your first point is a huge thing I look for in a woman. I need a woman that uses clear communication so that I can become a better boyfriend, otherwise she just ends up playing mind games and getting more angry for me not being able to figure out what is wrong no matter how hard I try. Then things turn bad really quick.
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Story of my life. Trying to find the girl who isn't taken, who also isn't a backstabbing, lying, class-less coward who lets groupthink make decisions for her.

    It's almost to the point that before I proceed in doing anything, I feel like I have to make her prove she's not the enemy. I know that sounds like borderline disorder, but you can only be hurt so many times.
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    • pavlove

      people have accused you of being borderline?

    • Me too whats wrong with all taken girls they are such a coward bitches

    • @Loveyoureyesonly: Singles. I don't pursue taken girls because they're taken. Always an opportunist, never a thief. Singles who are coward bitches, however, can be outright dangerous with their passive-aggressive subterfuge. They'll walk right up and act like a friend to your face, but will plot to destroy you behind your back.

  • Azara
    Are you posting this about Women,

    - because you think these traits are not important IN Men, or

    - because you think some Men dont recognize how important they are in A Woman?

    ... but then they would not see how important they are in Men either. So, Why did you post this about Women instead of people.

    What of these do you think are not important for Men?

    I certainly would not date a guy who lacked any of this. Vey good points but suspicious that you attach it only to Women.
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    • pavlove


      am more concerned with men

      being that

      I am one. And I want

      them to be happy. Not that I

      don't want women to be happy

    • Azara

      advising guys to be honest emotionally brave polite independent thinking and loyal, is not going to get in the way of their happiness. i think most peoples problem, s in dating is not finding the wrong person, but not having accountability for your own actions... if a guy is al the things you mentioned, hell attract such a Woman. if he's a selfish coward who plays games, thats who will be drawn to him.

    • pavlove

      i somewhat disagree. there are countless examples of nice girls wanting bad boys who are much different from them because they want to tame then and are also interested in exploring the dark side through them

      while there are bad girls who actually love nice guys because they feel like just want someone to finally care about them and make their life a little more straightforward normal nice

      in an ideal world you would be right. i'm about getting results however

  • Prncz_Priyz
    i didn't really understand what u meant by the emotional bravery part... but otherwise its a very very good take... so if u could please explain the emotional bravery part to me
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    • pavlove

      like not afraid of the emotions. not afraid of feeling nervous and uncomfortable. a lot of people after they've been hurt once they feel vulnerable again they start to fight it but if you're emotionally brave you allow yourself to go through it

    • oh ok tnx i finally got it :)

    • by the way its a really nice take i hope guys in my city went for girls with a personality n not the sexiest ass

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  • 9mfeo
    You would think that Chris Brown is a good person. Perhaps you even look up to him as a role model.
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    • pavlove

      I'm starting to enjoy this back and forth we have

  • CanPenguinsBendOver
    I agree with most of your points except for the first one. I think both parties involved should be honest with one another but there are times where if I'm mad, I'm not gonna tell you what you did wrong because the reason is so obvious that you should've figured out what you did wrong.

    Like if you checked out another girl's ass right in front of me, I not gonna be like "Hey I'm mad at you so apologize", I expect you to put the two and two together yourself otherwise it defeats the purpose of the whole thing which is you knowing right from wrong without me having to tell you.
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    • pavlove

      it's more suffering for you though because you have to sit with it until the guy addresses it. If I see a girl I'm with checking out another guy I will say something if I feel like it crosses the line because otherwise I'm just sitting there mad while she has a good time or worse she's obnoxiously asking what's wrong.

      I think people in general have a hard time respecting the lines in the sand that they themselves draw as to what is and is not appropriate because they don't want to come across as jealous. I say don't care how you come across only care about your own standard and living up to that.

    • I understand what you're trying to say, and I agree it would save us both time and effort if we just told each other why we were mad. But my point was, I'd rather wait to see if you can see the error in your actions because if you're too dense to see the mistake you made, then I'm better off not dating someone who is unable to figure out such a simple thing.

      On the other hand, if you analyze and re-asses your actions and then admit what you did wrong, then that tells me you're not an idiot and that you know the difference between right and wrong. It's more complicated this way, but I can learn a lot about how attuned you are to my emotions hence I can tell if I'd be able to have a successful relationship with you.

    • Agree with you, im the same, honstly is good when somethinb not clear happen word they said or something, but people know if their actions are weong or not, believe me what you said is totally right i has the same thing with girls do u know what worse people who know that they did mistakes and upset u and tell u that will never happen again then come back and do it in your worst time this is tge worst kind of people u might date.

  • bobbydigitaloa
    The problem with this is that the wrong girl can often than not mask as the right girl. I know a girl personally who is smart, intelligent, dresses elegant, you can have deep conversation with her, and she is beautiful to boot and is a certified lawyer. The thing is she's had over 100 guys in her and been involved in gang bangs. You'd never know this though because she puts on a good girl show so well.

  • HandsomeRaj
    As far as I think there's no thumb rule for the 'right girl or guy'. It's all about compatibility & chemistry between the 2 or more :)

    These things however appeal to the masses on the drawing board or on a My Take :) - not intending to patronize you or your views in any way :)
    • pavlove

      lol say something rude -inserts smile emoticon-

    • I always use emcotions cause texts are impersonal and don't display intention of the one who's saying something. What I have to say I do in plain words and those are what I mean. Nothing rude meant in what I said :)

      Check any of my opinions etc they are always full of :) emcotions

  • BreatheMe19
    Did somebody hijack your computer pavlove? This Take was pretty good.
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    • pavlove

      haha! thismyweek.

    • pavlove

      these effing stock photos GaG put in are killing me though

    • Stock photos? Whatcha mean?

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  • Chief16
    I'd say a girl like that could have anyone she wants. I hope you attribute yourself with the same traits before dating this girl.
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  • DarkHumorRUs
    Well I can easily choose a girl I just can't make one my girlfriend.
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  • Moose2coolvargas
    This hits on all levels, although I like to show dominance, that I will always be there
  • PurpleT
    I love your take on the matter :)
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  • beyonder
    Yes, loyalty over ass 👏🏽 Great take ☺️
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  • Femdomina
    All the right reasons :)
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  • theAwkwardOne
    This is awesome
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  • zombiebabe
    that's a really nice take!
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  • Dan2287
    If only I had some to chose from LOL
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  • Entity
    Corny. Unrealistic.
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  • apple24
    PERFECT! love it!
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  • ConsultantIsBack
    Good stuff 👍
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