How to date the girl


How to date the girl

Here's something you guys need to know about most girls.

1. If you're talking to her day and night, remember before you do this, you have to be sure you wouldn't suddenly leave her alone. That would break her heart.

2. Don't flirt with other girls

3. Don't make promises you can't keep

4. Send her cute texts occasionally, this will make her day

5. Be honest and always be there for her, because she's doing exactly the same to you

6. If you lost interest, don't try to make her stay anyway, tell her indirectly and let her go. It is not fair at all for someone to stay with a person who doesn't like them anymore. Don't waste her time.

7. Treat her right guys.

How to date the girl
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  • Anonymous

    1. If you're talking to him day and night, remember before you do this, you have to be sure you wouldn't suddenly leave him alone. That would break his heart. Yes, guys have hearts, too!

    2. Don't flirt with other guys

    3. Don't make promises you can't keep

    4. Send him cute texts occasionally. He may not admit this, but this will make his day

    5. Be honest and always be there for him, because he's doing exactly the same for you

    6. If you lose interest, give him the best sex of his life - as a "lovely parting gift" - and then let him go. It isn't fair to leave him with some sympathy sex. That way, you haven't totally wasted his time.

    7. Treat him right ladies!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    • WombRaider

      6) What utter BS.

    • Anonymous

      I'm literally doing exactly the same things (except 6 because I still like him so much) but he have turned so indifferent, which broke my heart, and I have no idea what happened, he just lost interest I guess...

    • Anonymous

      @WombRaider Obviously, you missed the point that #6 was intended only as humor. I'm not a Neanderthal dork!

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  • Transigence
    Worst. Advice. EVER!

    1. Don't worry. I'm not talking to her day and night anyway.
    2. Bullshit. I know lots of guys are talking to you and I'm competing with them, so why should I be stuck on some "one-at-a-time" rule? Because it makes you uncomfortable to have to compete with other women? Get over it. It's probably not you anyway at this point.
    3. I do that anyway. You'll notice I don't make a lot of promises at all.
    4. Whatever, fine. But remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    5. Honesty and grit. I like it. I can do it. But I certainly don't assume that just because she has a vagina she's going to have honesty and grit, too. In fact, I'm going to expect her to lie to me, to manipulate my psychologically, and to dip on me as soon as things get a little bit tough. I will always have my guard up for this.
    6. When it's over, I'll let her know DIRECTLY. And tell her why.
    7. Vague, nebulous, loaded bullshit. I know what you mean by this, and NO I will not be treating her "right." She's a grown ass adult whose arms aren't broken. I'll hold the door open for her if I'm going through it, too, but she can let herself out of the car, and pull out her own chair, and get a damn job.

    I swear, some of you girls have a really fucked up idea of love -- like a mash-up of the worst aspects of prehistoric gynocentrism, Victorian chivalry, and modern-day feminism all rolled up into one disgusting hot-pocket.
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    • VomitIII

      That hot pocket simile is one of the best things I've ever read.

    • @VomitIII agreed, bien.

  • Redshift
    Did all of the above happily for 4 years. Even wanted us to live together. One month after graduating from university and starting her job she made a 180 turn. Became so cold and mean to me she literally left me 2 days after New Years without even bothering to break up.
  • Spirit_Is_Free
    Good points - Two way honest and open communication is so important - Discover what works for you as a couple and keep working at it - How you do it may be different for every couple but what is important is you keep trying to do it.
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    • Honestly, communication is probably worth a take by itself.

  • skeptic007
    lol guys do the opposite and she will stay around longer
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  • DarkHumorRUs
    You forgot "be attractive". Trust me dude, I try to do all of this shit and I've gotten nowhere.
  • Walls_and_Doors
    Why can't there be a 3 step version? I got confused.
  • M_A_X
    lol "Tell her indirectly"

    Why indirectly?
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  • BertMacklinFBI
    love your take because its so fucking short!
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  • takumii
    Short and sweeet
  • Sixgun77
    I do all this stuff when given the chance.
  • Anonymous
    1. Good point. However, girls should also remember that. Anyway, don't whine without knowing the actual reason of suddenly leaving her alone. It could be an emergency, work situation or any problem related to phone/computer or anything reasonable. DO NOT REACT without knowing what exactly happened.

    2. Agree. But I will be friendly with my female friends. Deal with it. I don't mind her getting friendly with her guy friends.

    3. Kinda agree. Kinda disagree. You have to make some promises knowing that you probably can't keep them.

    4. Sure!

    5. Agree but honesty is not needed every damn time. Lies are part of life.

    6. How to do that indirectly? While doing this indirectly I'm wasting my own time not her! Usually the girls play this indirect games.

    7. Of course but girls should learn that 'treating nice' does not mean that guys are in her service.
  • Anonymous
    I did all of the above and got friendzoned
  • Anonymous
    You mean how to be the nice guy in the freindzone of girl right.
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  • Anonymous
    This is bs most girls are evil and have hidden agendas behind their actions
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  • Anonymous
    Just lol at this BS rule.

    1. Yeah keep talking to her day and night feeding her ego. Until she gets message by this guy:

    Then drops your ass.

    2. Just lol at biggest mistake ever. Women want men who other women find valuable. Flirting with other girls makes her appreciate more being with you and shows you are of value.

    3. Lol again don't fall for this BS guys. Women want to hear beautiful lies rather than truth.

    4. Again friendzone material. Guys who become women BFF texters sending emoji while in process of "dating" her will get friendzoned.

    5. Again totally worse advice ever. Never make yourself too available or she'll think she has you wrapped up in your little finger and take you for granted. Keep these sloots guessing.

    6. Just lol at women talking about this. Majority of you girls lose spark with your man but are too afraid to be single. So you string him along for months until you find someone better.

    7. Only if she treats you right. Can't have sided relationship, but again women are self serving.

    Take this girl advice and you'll be that guy listening to her complaints, having friendly conversations. Paying for dates. All the while she strings you along and goes on tinder at the end of the night to have this guy fuck her brains out

    Women ain't worth dating in this day and age.
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    • Sounds like you aren't worth dating. Maybe pick better women to date.

    • Anonymous

      @rocyurworld Sounds like your just another typical female who throws insults back at men when faced with truth. U girls need to come up with new tricks.

    • Ok, good luck with your newfound preference! Being gay is all the rage these days ☺️

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